Food for thought: The trials and tribulations of blogging

There’s something rather addictive about blogging, from the high of hitting “Publish” on a post I simply can’t wait to share to the multitude of benefits that I’m still discovering – whether in the form of new friendships made with kindred e-spirits or thrilling new encounters and experiences that I might not otherwise have had!

While there’s been no flip side per-se, I’m also discovering that the #BloggerLife does come with its own nuanced set of complications (an expanding waistline notwithstanding!)…

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Catching up with the Bombay foodies: A sugar-fuelled summer

It seems like yesterday that I was keeping up with the London foodies and getting my fill of what’s new before heading to Bombay for the summer.

But that was well over a month ago.

Since being here I’ve had my work cut out for me. Because, you know. Bombay.

It’s my sweet teeth which have been in for a real treat though, all thirty-two of them. At the risk of my trainer seeing this (and subsequently killing me in the gym later), here’s what my summer has looked like in a sugar-coated nutshell…

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Bombay Diaries: Being a tourist in my home city…

Do you ever take for granted the beauty and culture you’re surrounded by on a daily basis?

I know I’m often guilty of this in Bombay where it’s all-too-easy to moan about the sorry state of affairs (the traffic especially), or else get caught up in the glitz and dazzling glamour of the endless soirées. Somewhere in the bargain, the heritage and old-world charm of this fast-paced city is left unappreciated.

Well this past weekend, I found myself in a tourist’s shoes as I had one of my oldest and dearest friends from London visiting. As tempting as it was to spend our day soaking up the sun by the Taj poolside, I was under strict instructions to make sure she soaked in as much of the Maximum city as possible instead…

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A global love affair: Fusion food favourites across the world…

Although I’m quite a traditionalist when it comes to my cravings for (Indian) comfort food, I’m not averse to experimenting at times.

Case-in-point. My lunch yesterday comprised pakoras stuffed with mac n cheese, naans slathered with the margarita sauce you’d typically find on a pizza, and a “pav bhaji ratatouille” served with heaps of focaccia bread on the side.

The mish-mash of culinary traditions was surprisingly spot-on, not to mention it had that certain X factor which elevated our meal to more exciting proportions! And it was just one of several innovative fusion-cuisines I’ve enjoyed in recent times…

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