Bombay Diaries: Brunch at Bastian

It really doesn’t matter which city you’re in, Sundays speak a universal language. Brunch.

It’s a time-honoured tradition I especially enjoy whilst in Bombay as this is the one day in the week when the madding pace of life finally comes to a sleepy standstill – a lazy haze settling across the city, its citizens drawn into a lull by a food-induced coma.

The usually-frenzied roads are mercifully empty and there’s no better time for long and rainy drives, especially across the Sea Link. So last weekend, the girls and I seized the opportunity to head to the burbs for brunch at Bastian…

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Bombay Diaries: Coffee and cruffins at Blue Tokai

I wasn’t planning to blog about my breakfast at Blue Tokai. Honestly.

It was meant to have just been a simple catch-up with a friend, early on a Saturday morning.

But then, I hadn’t anticipated encountering one of the best coffees I’ve had in Bombay yet, not to mention a wondrously well-executed cruffin…

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A foodie’s guide to her favourite bars in London…

There’s really no dearth of places to wet your whistle in London. From plush hotel bars and sky-high drinking dens, to clandestine speakeasies or just a cosy local, everybody’s bound to have their particular preferences on this one.

As for me, I’ve always frequented those watering holes which whet my appetite too. Here’s a round (up) of a few of my favourites…

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Cornish Seaweed Frittata

London Diaries: Dining with Davidstow and recipes by Lee Westcott…

A few moons ago, a group of cheese-loving foodies gathered together in a beautiful room at Morton’s, overlooking Berkeley Square.

We had assembled to celebrate the best of Cornish produce with Davidstow Creamery, over an extravagant dinner curated by culinary whiz, Lee Westcott (head chef at the Typing Room)…

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Bombay Diaries: Back to the future at the new Shamiana at Taj

If you grew up in Bombay, chances are you’ll have a soft spot for Shamiana.

The nostalgia for the all-day restaurant, which opened in 1973 at the Taj (Mahal Palace), spans generations – my grandparents, parents, cousins and I, all have our own special memories here, alongside fond recollections of Sunday family lunches.

But incase you haven’t heard, it was recently injected with a breath of fresh air through  a contemporary refurb and revamp…
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London Diaries: Yoga at the V&A and spa-time at the InterContinental Park Lane…

If there’s one thing that I really crave when life gets quite hectic, it’s some good old-fashioned me-time.

And things have definitely been more than a little rushed of late – what with work, keeping up with the London foodies and just generally making the most of summer in London (before heading back to Bombay for a bit).

So last week, I made the concerted effort to take the day off for myself, to rebalance and to recharge. The plan: yoga, followed by an overdue facial at the spa at the InterContinental on Park Lane. Both experiences were something out of the ordinary…

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