London Diaries: Candy floss-matcha ice cream and more at Milk Train Cafe…

Every so often, this blog serves as a platform for  making public service announcements.

In the past, it’s heralded the arrival of macaron ice cream sammiches, bespoke Magnums and an all-gelato afternoon tea (gelato macarons anyone?)… Not to mention, reporting all manners of matcha-marvellous developments in London.

So it is in that similar vein, that I now share rather exciting news of a pop-up cafe in Covent Garden, dispensing matcha soft-serves wrapped in the fluffiest cloud of candy floss…

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London Diaries: Lunch at Casita Andina

I’ve never been to Peru, but it’s been on my bucket list ever since reading watching Diarios de Motocicleta while studying for my A Level Spanish exams. The cinematographic scenes depicting Machu Picchu left a lasting impression, fuelling a desire to one day follow the Inca trail.

Unsurprisingly, my wanderlust has since been supplemented by a foodie interest in covering Peru’s eclectic gastronomic trail too, which over the centuries has imbibed influences from all over (Spain to Japan), whilst preserving age-old traditions, such as those of ‘picanterias’ – the welcoming restaurants run within the houses of strong, matriarchal-type figures in the Andes.

It is this homely dining concept that Martin Morales (the chef widely credited with bringing authentic Peruvian cuisine to London), has sought to recreate in a quiet street in Soho…

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London Diaries: Brunch at Peyotito and a wander around Notting Hill…

There’s something so special about Notting Hill during the summer.

While the neighbourhood is always such a pleasure to visit, its street markets and pastel-hued terrace homes really seem to come to life on those gloriously sunny days, which we’ve been enjoying in abundance of late.

So the girls and I really didn’t need an excuse to head west for brunch this weekend, but we found one anyways – the promise of a modern Mexican brunch at Peyotito, the recently-opened restaurant from the same folks behind Peyote in Mayfair…

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London Diaries: Dinner at the Painted Heron

Do you know that expression – never judge a book by its cover?

Well at times, it really couldn’t be more appropriate for describing restaurants too. Case in point: the Painted Heron, an unassuming Indian restaurant situated in Cheyne Walk, a genteel residential area of Chelsea, overlooking the River Thames…

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London Diaries: A visit to the Magnum Pleasure Store

I’m sure by now you’re well-versed with my love fiendish obsession with ice cream. It’s something I just can’t get enough of (regardless of London’s iffy weather) and the one thing you can always count on, is finding the freezer at home well-stocked with all the essentials.

Well, one of my addictions of late has been treating myself to a bar of Magnums Double at the end of a long day (it’s the simple things in life really). So when I heard that Magnum’s Pleasure Store pop-up was back this year to offer Londoners a personalised Magnum experience, this shot right to the top of my summer bucket list…

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London Diaries: Eating my way through Selfridges…

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I spent the good part of a day last week, ensconced in Selfridges.

While it’s an all-too-real possibility to shop till you drop at the iconic department store, I was actually there with a different objective in mind… to eat till you drop.

You see, I’ve always been a big fan of Selfridges’ thriving foodie scene – from its versatile mix of restaurants and pop-ups to the Foodhall, where you can find anything and everything from daily essentials to unicorn poo (more on which, later).

So I recently took it upon myself to eat my way through the store, in a bid to share my top picks across the board.

Yes, it’s a tough life I know, but someone has to do it!

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London Diaries: Scents of Summer at InterContinental Park Lane…

There’s no dearth of tempting options for afternoon tea, when it comes to celebrating this favourite of British pastimes.

But if you asked me right now, at this very moment, to pick just the one… my spontaneous response would be Scents of Summers at the InterContinental Park Lane. It’s a scintillating affair which vividly captures the beauty of a British summer….

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