Hello Weekend: TFD-Recommended Things to Do 1 December 2016…

The beauty of writing a blog is that it just keeps growing… I’m so excited to announce that with this new month comes yet a new direction for TFD, with the start of a regular series sharing my top picks for things to do over the upcoming weekend.

Some of my suggestions are bound to be city-specific (depending on whether I’m in Bombay or London!) but irrespective of where you are in the world, I do hope you’ll find enough to keep drawing you back here each week… Continue reading “Hello Weekend: TFD-Recommended Things to Do 1 December 2016…”


London Diaries: A foodie’s guide to Harrods…

As those near and dear to me know, Harrods is – quite simply put – my  happy place… and not just by pandering to my penchant for pretty handbags and glad rags. 

Truth is, the department store is also something of an epicurean haven housing an astonishingly large number of cafes, restaurants, pop-ups and even bars! So if you’re heading over there for a spot of seasonal shopping, here are my top picks for where to eat and make merry too…

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London Diaries: Afternoon Tea at Flemings…

Despite passing by Flemings on an almost daily basis, it was only recently that I first ventured in, enticed by the promise of the best of seasonal and locally-foraged Jersey and British fare.

I emerged smitten… and not just by the flair and finesse of Michelin-starred chef Shaun Rankin’s cooking. There was something rather enchanting about the boutique hotel too, its discreet demeanour hiding other delightful charms.

And so I returned within a few short days, this time to celebrate mother’s birthday over an indulgent afternoon tea in Fleming’s elegant drawing room…

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London Diaries: An afternoon well spent detoxing at Grace Belgravia…

Recently finding myself in dire need of a detox (but not quite ready to let go of that all-consuming taste factor), the other day I stumbled upon one of London’s most closely guarded secrets.

If you know, you know… Grace Belgravia.

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