things to do with toddlers dubai

A Toddler’s Guide To Things To Do In Dubai

Regardless of having been to Dubai as often as I have, it was a revelation to recently visit with my two year old. From imaginative and interactive play areas to a tropical rainforest and water activities galore, the dynamic Emirate holds as much (if not more) appeal for children as it does for adults alike. So much so, that it might take multiple visits to truly do justice to the exhaustive bucket list encapsulating the very many child-friendly attractions this city holds. To help you get started, gathered here is a bucket list of sorts, curating our top picks of things to do with toddlers in Dubai. We just hope you enjoy it as much as we did on our most recent sojourn!

Things To Do With Toddlers In Dubai


Billed as an experiential child museum, this imaginative space encourages little ones to broaden their horizons through a series of interactive experiences. Thoughtfully designed to encourage open-ended play, the different activities will have your little ones learning to take risks, problem-solve and just have fun in a world that is as magical as it is fascinating! Dancing in the rain, firing balls into a water vortex and washing an actual car were just a few of the many activities Jr enjoyed in the Water Gallery, one of several areas that the museum is split out over.

62 4 A St – Al Quoz – Al Quoz 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates |

Woo Hoo

Also situated in Al Quoz, Woo Hoo is a play area like none other with twelve-themed galleries , each of which focuses on a different fact of childhood development. From scavenging for fossils in a cave to exploring hidden spaces in a maze and unleashing creativity by making use of recycled material – it’s safe to say there’s plenty to keep tiny tots productively engaged in this vibrant space.

1 6A St – Al Quoz – Al Quoz 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates |

Green Planet

Only in Dubai can you find an indoor tropical forest centred around an entirely man-made tree! As the region’s first bio-dome, Green Planet boasts a rich biodiversity with over 3,000 plants and animals to discover as you walk through four spiralling levels alongside birds flying overhead!

City Walk – Al Wasl – Dubai – United Arab Emirates |

things to do toddlers dubai

Orange Wheels

Another inviting play area, Orange Wheel sets itself apart with its focus on pretend play. Jr and his friend shopped for fruits and vegetables , baked cookies and other treats before flipping burgers after a deliciously-tiring jaunt along the climbing walls and trampoline!

Various locations |

In & Around Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is of course most famed for The Dubai Aquarium – one of the world’s largest aquariums that’s not unlike an underwater zoo with a 48 metre tunnel sheathed by the most incredible sea life. Beyond this, there’s plenty more to do and see including play areas galore and Infinity Des Lumières (an immersive digital art space). Not to be missed either, is Dubai Fountain Show – a unique unison of music, water and lights that will leave you as wonder-struck as your little one.

Beach Time

Kite Beach and La Mer are both child-friendly beaches, with the latter particularly cosy at sunset when it is softly illuminated by lanterns. La Mer is also home to a water park and has a plethora of global restaurants to choose from, catering to both you and your little ones.

The Beach in JBR is another must-visit with a toddler-friendly Splash Pad attached complete with a paddle pool, climbing frames, seahorse cannons, a superwave wheel amongst its many wet attractions. We loved that this Splash Pad is both shaded and temperature-controlled to ensure heated water on cooler days.

 Beach Front, North side of THE BEACH, Near Roxy Cinema – Dubai – United Arab Emirates |

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