Gochujang mayo ramen

Five Minute Gochujang Mayo Ramen Hack

When it comes to ramen hacks, there’s nothing quite as iconic as the Kewpie mayo ramen starring a sultry creamy broth whisked together with Kewpie mayo and a raw egg. While it may sound wacky, this quick hack has transfixed many mid-scroll, going viral on Tik Tok and Instagram Reels. Having made it on more than one occasion, I’ve naturally found myself tinkering with this simple base with the results nothing short of revelatory. Cue this spicy, creamy and oh-so-soupy gochujang mayo ramen that’s a cross between the now legendary mayo ramen we all know (and love) and a carbonara. Yes, we’re stirring in lots of grated parmesan too and did I mention you can literally make this under five minutes?

Ingredients In this Gochujang Mayo Ramen

  • Instant ramen. You can use any instant ramen packet you have.
  • Garlic. Use as much or as little as you’d like.
  • Kewpie mayo. Kewpie mayo is preferable to regular mayonnaise as it is much richer with a thicker texture and a slight tangy sweetness. However, if you don’t have Kewpie mayo, regular mayo works just as well for this recipe!
  • Gochujang. The fiery Korean red pepper paste is one of our two hero ingredients elevating the traditional mayo-ramen. It adds shades of heat to this otherwise creamy broth. If you don’t have (or you don’t like!) gochujang – you could always add in your favourite hot sauce instead, such as Sriracha or even chilli oil.
  • Egg yolk. There are no substitutes for this, as an egg yolk is key to this recipe, emulsifying with the mayo to create the creamy broth base for our noodles.
  • Parmesan. Yes it is optional, but do be sure to include it, as it adds a sharp nutty, cheesy undertone to balance the flavours of this deceivingly-simple dish.
  • Garnishes. Suggestions include scallions, sesame seeds and spoonfuls of chilli oil or chilli crisp!
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Gochujang mayo ramen hack

Steps For Making This Gochujang Mayo Ramen

  • Start by cooking your instant ramen until just shy of al dente (firm to the bite). Drain, reserving the starchy noodle water as this is what we shall use to cook the raw egg into our broth.
  • Meanwhile while your ramen is cooking, empty out as much of the seasoning packet as you’d like into a bowl. Mix in mayo/ Kewpie mayo, minced garlic and gochujang/ hot sauce.
  • Now add an egg yolk and grate parmesan over this (measure with your soul). Give a good whisk to combine until smooth and creamy.
  • Ladle over the hot starchy water drained from the cooked noodles. Whisk again to stir together a creamy broth. Doing so will temper (essentially cook) the egg yolk, so you don’t need to worry about it remaining raw.
  • Add your noodles to the broth and garnish as you’d like. Enjoy warm!

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Gochujang mayo ramen

Gochujang Mayo Ramen Hack

This creamy, spicy soupy ramen is an elevated take on the mayo ramen hack, also starring fiery Gochujang and heaps of parmesan.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Course Main Course, Snack
Cuisine Asian, Korean


  • 1-1½ tbsp Kewpie mayo (regular mayo works just as well too)
  • 2-4 cloves garlic, minced (adjust according to taste)
  • ½-1 tbsp gochujang (can replace with hot sauce of choice)
  • egg yolk
  • ⅓-⅔ cup grated parmesan
  • ramen packet of choice
  • garnishes of choice (sesame seeds, spring onions/ scallions etc)


  • Cook your instant noodles of choice until just shy of al dente. Drain; reserving the cooking water.
  • In a heat-proof bowl, whisk together the seasoning packet (use only as much as you wish) along with mayonnaise, minced garlic and gochujang/ hot sauce of choice (optional).
  • Now add an egg yolk and grate lots of Parmesan on top. Give it a good whisk until creamy.
    gochujang mayo ramen
  • Add a few ladles of the hot starchy noodle water and mix well until combined into a creamy broth.
  • Add your noodles and garnishes of choice (sesame seeds, scallions etc) and Enjoy!
    Gochujang mayo ramen hack


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