Easy No-Bake Recipes For When You Can’t Be Bothered To Turn Your Oven On

While 2020 has made a baker out of everyone (and their neighbour), there’s no escaping those times when one simply can’t help but want a fuss-free fix for their sweet tooth, with no oven time involved. Thank goodness then for an infallible repertoire of no-bake recipes which rise to the occasion with aplomb.

With no baking time required, these treats are effortlessly-easy to whip up – you can get the little ones in on it too! From an Oreo Pie to a Nutella Tart – with plenty of healthy alternatives along the way – each of these recipes sets itself apart with delicious creativity!

Dark Chocolate & Nutella Tart

Imagine an intensely-rich chocolatey crust holding up a smooth Nutella dark chocolate ganache. Curated by writer-turned-chef Jeena J Billimoria, this no-bake tart will impress even the most discerning of guests!

Oreo Pie

Made with an Oreo crust and a tangy cream cheese filling, Pooja Dhingra’s recipe – drawn from The Foodhall Cookbook – really is perfect treat for all cookies and cream lovers!

Raw Coffee, Vanilla & Walnut Tart

IMG_7127 (2)

Spiked with freshly-brewed Blue Tokai coffee, this deliciously-healthy recipe from Sarah Edwards of Copper + Cloves is healthy yet decadent and brimming with all sorts of natural ingredients from toasted walnuts to soaked cashews.

Avocado Lime Cheesecakes

Sarah of Copper + Cloves also has a virtuous spin on the ultimate creamy indulgence – cheesecake – using entirely vegan ingredients packed full of good fats and antioxidants. Think creamy avocados and coconut oil. The end result? It’s tangy yet sweet, with a slightly crunchy base and a hint of salt and spice – the contrast is so good!

Chocolate & Honey Fridge Cake

Sweet, salty and crumbly bars layered with crushed biscuits coated with melted chocolate and honey – this no-bake cake is as quintessentially British as it gets. So much so that it was chosen by Prince William as his Groom’s Cake for The Royal Wedding. Yes, really.

Greek Yogurt & Dark Chocolate Mousse

Starring homemade Greek yogurt, this no-cook mousse has a tangy tartness balanced by bittersweet dark chocolate and a touch of Nutella! It all manifests in a smooth yet thick, intensely-rich mousse laced with a subtle kick of coffee!

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Fudge

The unbeatable combination of dark chocolate and sea salt takes shape in unapologetically-indulgent fudge. Made with just a few humble ingredients – including a can of condensed milk – you can layer the fudge with a biscuity crust for texture!

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel Squares

As it turns out, the only thing better than the combination of dark chocolate and sea salt is dark chocolate and sea salt caramel! Creamier than chocolate, yet chewier than fudge – these bite-sized squares up the ante by marrying the best qualities of everyone’s favourite treats.

Freezer Fudge

The hat trick of fabulous fudge recipes would be incomplete without a healthy spin in the form of “freezer fudge” so addictive you won’t believe it’s free of any refined sugar, butter or any dairy. This is a highly temperature-sensitive recipe, with the fudge melting rather quickly at room temperature (hence the name “freezer fudge!”). Of course that also means that each piece literally melts in the mouth with a creamy explosion of sweet-and-salty chocolatey goodness!

Dulcey Truffles

Smooth and creamy, with a velvety texture and an unmistakably blond colour – these truffles get their distinctive flavour from “blonde chocolate.” Curated by chocolatier Mihika Parikh of Mylk Chocolates, this recipe requires just four to five ingredients!

Almond Rocks

This two-ingredient recipe (yes, really: just two ingredients required!) yields individually-sized chocolates, cocooning a craveable crunch of toasted almonds. Another bite-sized treat, this one really as ridiculously-easy as it gets!

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