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The Most Deliciously-Chocolatey Dessert Recipes

There will always be place in the world for a little black dress and for a chocolate dessert. From a smorgasbord of chocolate cakes and dark chocolate & sea salt tarts to molten chocolate lava cakes and fondants – with all manners of craveably-chocolatey cookies, brownies and puddings thrown in between – gathered here best dessert recipes involving copious levels of chocolate.

While this collection does include some eggless recipes, if you are looking for only eggless recipes, do click through to this dedicated round-up of eggless chocolate desserts.

But First.

From recommendations for the best chocolate to use at home, to tips for intensifying that chocolatey flavour and getting a super smooth finish on a ganache cake – Isha Shetty, pastry chef extraordinaire behind Vanilla Miel is sharing her hacks for better baking with chocolate.

The Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

We see your request for the best chocolate cake recipe and up the ante with not one, not a few but ten of deliciously-different chocolates. The craveable collection runs the gamut from a liquid chocolate comfort cake to Swedish Kladdakaka (a sticky chocolate cake), ultimate dark chocolate loaf cake and so much more!

Chocolate Molten Cakes & Fondants

best lava cake and fondant recipes

Who doesn’t love a good lava cake? These soft molten cakes break apart to reveal the most glorious gush of chocolate, making for desserts that are as impressive as they are startlingly-easy to rustle up. In fact, once you start experimenting, there are a whole world of possibilities to discover with exciting riffs on the classics, from a dulce de leche lava cake to a low-carb healthy(ish) dark chocolate fondant!

Imagine a chocolatey crust holding up a richly-smooth Nutella dark chocolate ganache. Yes, this no-bake dessert is as impressive as it sounds and deceptively-simple to rustle up too, with no oven-time required!

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel Tart

There’s lots to love about this eggless recipe from Foodhall Cookery Studio (FCS), featuring a few of our very favourite things – dark chocolate, sea salt and caramel! It doesn’t require very many ingredients either – just flour, salt, butter, sugar, cream and dark chocolate.

Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding

A rich pudding with a warm molten centre, moist cakey texture and a liquid pool of chocolate floating underneath! Yes, it’s safe to say that this recipe – shared by regular contributor and fifteen-year old baker, Elisha Parikh (also more famously known as @ElitheBaker) – is pure magic!

Hot Chocolate Pudding

no bake hot chocolate pudding

Far too decadent to be this easy to whip up, this hot chocolate pudding has a rich moussey texture when refrigerated. Top it off with cacao nibs for a bittersweet woodsy crunch!

Greek Yogurt Dark Chocolate Mousse

For a lighter alternative, have a gander at this no-cook mousse starring homemade Greek yogurt which adds a tangy tartness balanced by bittersweet dark chocolate and a touch of Nutella!

Hello: Brownies

You didn’t think that we’d leave out cocoa-rich brownies from the mix did you, especially when there’s the added prospect of melted chocolate involved. Think triple chocolate mudslide brownies, fudgy vegan dark chocolate salted brownies and more…

Mudslide Cookies

Thick and chunky, yet soft and chewy. Crisp-edged but with just that right touch of gooeyness inside with puddles of melted chocolate. Need I say more?

Hot Chocolate Bombs

hot chocolate bombs

Elevate your hot chocolate fix with these insanely-Instagrammable hot chocolate bombs, which explode in a in a cup of piping hot milk, revealing a gush of marshmallows and hot chocolate mix. A quick stir later and you’re sipping on a beautiful cuppa cocoa!

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Fudge

The unbeatable combination of dark chocolate and sea salt also takes shape in unapologetically-indulgent fudge. A bit of a pantry raid recipe, you can layer it with a biscuity crust for texture!

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