Healthy(ish) Recipes: Freezer Fudge

If you’re looking to strike a balance in your daily diet, there’s no better way to get started than by having a stash of deliciously-healthy treats on hand to curb your sweet cravings without sabotaging your waistline. 

This is my go-to recipe for fudge so addictive, you won’t believe it’s free of any refined sugar, butter or any dairy actually. You can make this no-bake dessert with cacao powder (did you know it’s anti-inflammatory?) and your nut butter of choice. I adore peanut butter as the result is just as craveable as a Reese’ Peanut Butter Cup! Tahini works brilliantly too if you fancy a nutty undertone.

The starring ingredient is virgin coconut oil, which holds this fudge together with a silky-smooth – almost buttery – creaminess. I use the cold-pressed coconut oil from Conscious Foods, one of India’s oldest organic natural food brands. The cold-pressed nature of the oil ensures that it is as pure as possible (devoid of any nutrient-stripping heat). I also use a splash of Conscious Foods’ raw unheated honey to sweeten the fudge naturally, finishing with a sprinkling of their sea salt to round off the flavours evenly!

This is a highly temperature-sensitive recipe, with the fudge melting rather quickly at room temperature. Yes it literally melts in the mouth with a creamy explosion of sweet-and-salty chocolatey goodness, but it can also melt on your hands if you don’t eat it right after you take it out of the freezer! Hence the name: freezer fudge. Enjoy!

Healthy(Ish) Recipes: Freezer Fudge

Ayushi Gupta-Mehra | The Foodie Diaries
Stirred together with cacao powder and your nut butter of choice, this “freezer fudge” luxuriates in the creaminess of coconut oil and honey! The bite-sized pieces are as addictive as it gets, melting in the mouth with an explosion of sweet-and-salty chocolatey goodness!
Course Dessert
Cuisine Healthy


  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter (or nut butter of choice/ tahini)
  • cup coconut oil *
  • ¼ cup cacao powder
  • 2 tbsp honey * (can adjust depending on preference)
  • ½ tbsp vanilla extract 
  • sea salt *


  • Line a loaf pan or a small baking dish with parchment paper, greasing well. Note that if you use a larger pan (e.g. 8 x 8 inch), your final fudge will be thinner
  • Combine peanut butter and liquid coconut oil in a mixing bowl. Sift in the cacao powder (so no lumps remain) and add the vanilla extract and honey, whisking everything together until smooth and creamy. Taste and adjust sweetness depending on preference (you can add a bit more honey if you prefer it sweeter).
  • Pour the fudgey batter into the greased dish and smoothen out the top with an offset spatula (or the back of a spoon) until the surface is even and smooth. Sprinkle sea salt on top (alternatively you could top it off with roasted nuts or even cacao nibs if you’d like to add a crunch)
  • Pop the dish into the freezer until the fudge is set and very firm to the touch. Quickly slice into squares and serve immediately. Alternatively, transfer the fudge to a container and keep it stored in the freezer.


  • I used organic cold-pressed Coconut Oil ; raw un-heated Wild Forest Honey and natural Sea Salt from Conscious Foods
  • Do remember that this recipe is temperature-sensitive, with the fudge prone to melting at room temperature. As per the recipe notes, do keep it stored in the freezer, only removing it when you are ready to eat or serve it (note that it is not a transportable dessert!).
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