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Best Asian Soup Recipes

It’s been soup season of late, with silver linings of a gloomy evening taking shape in steam-billowing bowls of soup laden with colourful comfort. Of course, there are soups and then there are Asian soups, bobbing in a broth calibrated with a depth of flavour and umami. Gathered here are a bucket list of these soups to slurp your way through, from ramen to laksa, pho and more!

Vegan Dan Dan Noodles
This fiery Szechuan noodle in vegetable broth is classically served with minced meat. But, the earthy umami-packed mushrooms in this recipe are a good vegan substitute too, while chillies and ground Sichuan peppers impart shades of heat to the rich broth which is at the heart of this comforting dish.

Vegan Udon Noodle Soup
Emboldened with kombu and shiitake mushrooms, this vegan udon noodle soup recipe packs a potent punch of umami and savoury depth of flavour.
vegan udon noodle soup

Vegan Sundubu Jjigae (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew)
Pronounced SOON-DOO-BOO  JIG-AY, this hot and spicy Korean soft tofu stew stars shades of heat from gochugaru (a Korean spice mix) foiled by the melt-in-your-mouth texture of creamy tofu. Serve this vegan Sundubu Jjigae with the rice of your choice (short grain rice preferably).

Vegan Malaysian Laksa Curry
If you love Asian curries, you’ll love this Malaysian laksa recipe, shared by Le Cordon Bleu-trained Chef Guntas.
vegan curry recipe

Vegan Pho
Pronounced "fuh", this classic noodle soup is distinctive for its intensely-spiced and aromatic broth. While traditionally made with beef bones and fish sauce, this vegan pho is just as intense and earthy in flavour. We love assembling it with our favourite veggies, tofu and leafy bok choy, with the final flourish coming from a smattering of garnishes!
vegan pho

Asian Broth
Swirling with a fragrant hit of kaffir lime leaves, galangal and star anise, this vegetarian Asian broth by home chef Karishma Mehta – a.k.a. BowledOverByKari – is a flavour-packed base for all your favourite soupy dishes from noodle soup, wanton soup to of course, nourishing bowls of ramen!

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