Tea Cakes To Pair With Your Afternoon Cuppa

Shakespeare might have famously proclaimed music the food of love, but here in our home, the food of love is quite simply a teacake. Often taking shape in a loaf pan or a small cake tin, these restorative tea-time bites are often the best part of our day.

They’re impressive to whip out when having guests over, but just as suited for you and a cuppa. Truly, nothing puts the world to rights quite as reassuringly as a tea cake!

Berry Lemon Tea Cake

Loaded with berries, every bite of this zesty teacake has sweet pops of juicy blueberries and raspberries, with a zing of lemon. It’s not too sweet and not too tangy, but just right. Serve with some fresh berries, a dollop of cream and a delicate cup of green tea. Get the recipe, here.

Glazed Ginger Cake

Spiced with ginger and sweetened with jaggery, this recipe offers comfort in the guise of a golden-brown tea cake. It’s soft, marvellously-moist and and jauntily crowned with a sticky treacle glaze for a naughty dash of decadence! Get the recipe, here

Canteen Mawa Cake

If you grew up in Bombay, just the thought of Mawa Cake is enough to evoke a sweet whiff of nostalgia. Boasting a tender buttery crumb, this quintessential teatime treat is synonymous with the city’s rich Irani cafe culture and heritage. The starring ingredient is of course Mawa – dried evaporated milk solids, which are a distinctive touch in so many Indian sweets. Get the recipe, here.

Lemon Chia Tea Cake

If you’re looking for something more light and refreshing, this lemon chia tea cake hits just the spot. Protein- and fibre-rich chia seeds (from Pink Harvest Farms) are the binding ingredient in this this *eggless recipe*, which is also incredibly versatile.

You can switch up the flavours by experimenting with other citrus fruits (such as orange or grapefruit) or even fold in chocolate chips to add a layer of richness! Get the recipe, here.

Coffee & Chocolate Loaf Cake

Have you ever opened and partially used a can of condensed milk, only to wonder what to do with the rest of it? Well as it turns out, half a can of condensed milk is is really all you need to bake this elegant (and yes, another eggless) loaf cake.

Dewy and speckled with hazelnuts, with a splash of coffee and a chocolatey crust – this is a recipe you’ll be bookmarking and coming back to time and again! Get the recipe, here.

Brookie Loaf Cake

This decadent loaf combines the best of both worlds, with a gooey chocolate cake layered atop a buttery chocolate-chip cookie base.

Shared by 14-year old self-taught baker (yes, she’s just 14!) Elisha Parikh (a.k.a .“Elithebaker” on Instagram) – this eggless recipe is not only an easy one, but requires the usual staples you have knocking around your pantry. What’s more , any left-over batter can be baked separately in the shape of cookies and brownies. Win-win! Get the recipe, here.

The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Loaf Cake

Of course if you want a really chocolatey cake, there’s always my Ultimate Dark Chocolate Loaf Cake. It’s more moist than dense and just as intensely-rich as you could hope for when taking the time to bake a cake this indulgent! Get the recipe, here.

Honey Fridge Cake

Sweet, salty and crumbly bars layered with crushed biscuits coated with melted chocolate and golden syrup – this no-bake cake is as quintessentially British as it gets. So much so that it was chosen by Prince William as his Groom’s Cake for The Royal Wedding. Yes, really. The best part? You need just five staple ingredients, with no oven-time required! Get the recipe, here.

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