Deliciously-Easy Recipes Starring Tofu

Tofu is something of a pantry staple in our kitchen. We love how versatile it is, lending itself just as easily to a marinade as to a stir-fry or even baked dish. Not only is it easy to cook with, it’s also a blank canvas for highlighting the flavours of the sauce it is cooked in. Which essentially means we could eat tofu each day of the week – experimenting with a different preparation each time – and never tire of it. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Gathered here are the best tofu recipes to prove it, from Asian-inspired dishes (sweet, hot & sour tofu anyone?) to a brunch-appropriate vegan scramble and more!

Vegan Scramble

Packed with protein, this tofu scramble is as close as it gets to scrambled eggs in texture. Assembled on grilled pita (or a bread of your choice) with a deliciously-nutty Tahini based dressing – this recipe from Foodhall Cookery Studio is full of flavour, proving that healthy really can be delicious too!

Sundubu Jjigae

Pronounced SOON-DOO-BOO JIG-AY, BowledOverbyKari‘s Korean-inspired recipe for a hot and spicy soft tofu stew is perfect for when you’re in need of soul-stirring comfort!

Hot, Sweet & Sour Tofu

If you love a good old fashioned cross-cultural twist to Asian cuisine, you’ll love this cross between an Indo-Chinese hot-and-sour soup and American-Chinese sweet-and-sour tofu.

Mapo Tofu

Then there’s Mapo Tofu. A signature Szechuan dish of tofu, mushrooms and green beans with a spicy twist. Drawn from The Foodhall Cookbook, Chef Kelvin Cheung’s rendition is a classic recipe to add to your repertoire of home-cooked Asian dishes!

Stir-Fried Tofu

Tofu, stir-fried in a teriyaki sauce, is the underrated star factor in a yuzu soba noodle salad, adding an explosion of flavours to this startlingly-simple yet multi-layered dish.

Of course, when you get down to it, there’s no dearth of stir-fry sauces – from Sichuan and Sweet Chilli to Black Pepper – that can elevate humble tofu with a myriad of flavours as complex as they are intense.

Remember, if you want your stir-fried tofu to be extra-crispy, use extra-firm tofu and dust it with cornflour before pan-frying on each side until the tofu is evenly crisp and browned!

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