London Diaries: Candy Floss-Matcha Ice Cream and More at Milk Train Cafe

Every so often, this blog serves as a platform for  making public service announcements.

In the past, it’s heralded the arrival of macaron ice cream sammiches, bespoke Magnums and an all-gelato afternoon tea (gelato macarons anyone?)… Not to mention, reporting all manners of matcha-marvellous developments in London.

So it is in that similar vein, that I now share rather exciting news of a pop-up cafe in Covent Garden, dispensing matcha soft-serves wrapped in the fluffiest cloud of candy floss…

Cotton candy isn’t the only topping on offer at Milk Train – we added on cookies and rice puffs too, which lent a nice crunch to offset the airy texture of the floss.

While the soft serves include vanilla and hojicha – another type of Japanese green tea, albeit one which has been roasted to a higher degree. We quite liked its toasty, almost nutty flavour, and also went for a mix of matcha and hojicha with all the works for the making of a sweet sundae… oreos, popcorn and a very nostalgia-inducing Hello Panda biscuit!

I wasn’t too sure about the popcorn in the end (it was on the slightly soggier side) but one can never really go wrong with Oreos! Borrowing from the “traditional matcha series,” I couldn’t resist requesting for a generous dollop of red beans on the side, as well…


And in the selfless interest of bringing you the full scoop on this new cafe, fellow sugar junkie and matcha lover – Caroline – and I found ourselves ordering yet another cuppa ice cream, this time a combination of classic vanilla and matcha, with an ambrosially sweet chunk of honeycomb dunked in!


Flavour-wise, the ice creams were as indulgently smooth as you’d expect of a good soft-serve, whilst not overwhelmingly rich or intense.

The proof is in the eating as they say – and our three different orders later, we can confirm that there is definitely a truth to the maxim lettered outside the cafe…


Oh yes. Yes, it most certainly does.

Are you a matcha fiend too? What/ where is your favourite ice cream in London?

Milk Train Cafe, 44 Bedford Street, London, WC2E 9HA


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