London Diaries: Chouxnuts at Selfridges

What a time to be alive.

Cronuts, Cruffins and now Chouxnuts.

#FoodieLife is a gift that just keeps on giving…

As you well know by now, I can’t resist a good food mash-up (least of all of the dessert variety).

So I wasted absolutely no time after getting back to London (following a blissfully lengthy stay in Bombay), to head to Selfridges for my fix of the new treats on the block – Chouxnuts from Bijoux Chou Bakery.


The wondrous lovechild of an éclair and a donut, each ring of choux pastry encases the creamiest of fillings from instant classics (such as vanilla or salted caramel) to more tongue-tingling options such as raspberry.

Each is a carnival of toppings too  – buffed with a sheen of icing and festooned with all sorts of sweet trimmings from meringues to candy and glitter!

I went for rose and pistachio…

… Devouring it up in an astonishingly short span of time as the airily-light choux pastry was much thinner than your typical doughnut dough. Flavour wise, it was (predictably) on the sweeter side but not cloyingly so, with the lush rose-infused creme balanced by the nutty sprinkling of pistachios on top.

Of course – whether a donut, Cronut or Chouxnut, each goes down a right treat with a side of caffeine.

Quite convenient then, that the Brass Rail cafe in the Selfridges Food has a dedicated coffee bar, serving up the most velvety flat whites!


Needless to say, it was an afternoon exquisitely well spent in one of my favourite foodie-havens (followed up by a cheeky spot of shopping of course).

Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street. London. W1A 1AB.

For other foodie adventures in Selfridges, have a read of the time I ate my way through this department store, here.

And if you fancy more deliciously-creative treats around London, then these macaron ice cream sandwiches or candy floss-wrapped matcha ice cream cones might whet your appetite too!

Author: The Foodie Diaries

A food travel & lifestyle journal, chronicling my culinary and other adventures around town.

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