London Diaries: Hanging out at Chin Chin Dessert Club in Soho

Sometimes, there’s nothing that my insatiable sweet teeth delight in more than the discovery of exhilaratingly-new ice cream-based desserts.

In the past, you’ve heard me natter on about macaron ice cream sammiches, bespoke Magnums and matcha soft serves wrapped in a cloud of candy floss.

Let’s add ice cream choux buns and sugar-free miracle cones to this revelatory list, among other insanely-inviting creations at the newly-opened Chin Chin Club in Soho…


Thankfully gaining entry here isn’t the nightmarish lesson in exclusivity as is famously the case at other private members clubs in London… although I’m predicting that our city’s predeliction for queues is likely to manifest itself soon once word gets around!

The marbled dessert parlour is an offshoot of Chin Chin Labs in Camden, sharing its alchemous approach to conjuring up inconceivably-smooth and creamy liquid nitrogen ice cream, in flavours as varied as burnt butter caramel and avocado & fried corn.

You can enjoy them as part of a wacky sundae creation (avo taco waffle cones anyone?) or a devilishly decadent ice cream sarnie such as the choux-wich.

Boisterously buttery and mined with crumbled and candied pistachios, these mammoth-sized choux buns sandwiched a sweet-and-savoury wallop of pistachio and olive oil ice cream… A new dessert to obsess over? I think so.



Like the gluttons we were, we couldn’t resist scoffing down one of their freshly baked brownie-cookies (a key element in the equally worthy brown-wich), whilst we waited for our next order, a Matcha Ring Ding.

An exquisite take on the American classic, the spongy matcha cake was layered with white chocolate buttercream frosting, hand dipped in chocolate crack and rolled in matcha crumble. We chose to have tonka bean ice cream on the side, revelling in the almond and honeyed notes of its almost vanilla-like flavour! The only marring factor was that the white chocolate frosting was a tad too sweet, shockingly even for this sugar junkie.


I suppose that’s reason enough to return and try the sugar-free Miracle cone featuring a a sugar-free pink grapefruit sorbet rendered sweet by chewing on a “miracle” berry pill before! Or I might satisfy my avocado quota for the day with the hand made purple corn waffle tacos here, stuffed  with avocado ice cream… Both sound like quite the adventure!

Chin Chin Dessert Club: Open everyday 12-9 (10pm Fri/Sat)

54 Greek Street, W1D 3DS Soho


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