London Diaries: A Visit to the Magnum Pleasure Store

I’m sure by now you’re well-versed with my love fiendish obsession with ice cream. It’s something I just can’t get enough of (regardless of London’s iffy weather) and the one thing you can always count on, is finding the freezer at home well-stocked with all the essentials.

Well, one of my addictions of late has been treating myself to a bar of Magnums Double at the end of a long day (it’s the simple things in life really). So when I heard that Magnum’s Pleasure Store pop-up was back this year to offer Londoners a personalised Magnum experience, this shot right to the top of my summer bucket list…

Situated in a large-ish space on South Molten Street, the store is literally the stuff of an Instagrammer’s dreams.

You start by selecting three of twenty tantalising toppings. Think anything and everything from pink almonds to chilli peppers! I went for a delicate yet sprightly combination of rose petals, silver pearls and heaps of gold leaf for decadent measure…

Next, you can choose to double-dip* your ice cream, first with a richly indulgent layer of peanut butter or chocolate sauce, followed by classic chocolate.

* Technically it’s a triple dip, as a chocolatey coating is added to the naked ice cream before it’s double-dipped!

The selected toppings are then sprinkled on with a drizzle of your preferred sauce, and the official Magnums seal (a white or milk chocolate monogrammed coin) is added for the final flourish.

Et voilà!

Would you believe me, if I said that it tasted even better than it looks?!

Speaking to the infectiously cheerful and bubbly staff Pleasure Makers, I learned that they’ve worked incredibly hard to perfect the art of the double-dipping, as well as getting the entire experience right, from start to finish. It definitely shows, as I was in the store for a short while only, but it was time mood-alteringly well spent and the perfect start to my weekend.


Plus I caught my first Pokémon! #Winning.


Have you been to Magnum’s pop up yet?

I was a guest of Magnum, but as always all opinions are mine and mine alone. 

Magnum, South Molton Street, London, W1K 5SG

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, from 11am to 9pm; Sunday, from 12pm to 6pm


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