London Diaries: Eating my Way Through Selfridges

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I spent the good part of a day last week, ensconced in Selfridges.

While it’s an all-too-real possibility to shop till you drop at the iconic department store, I was actually there with a different objective in mind… to eat till you drop.

You see, I’ve always been a big fan of Selfridges’ thriving foodie scene – from its versatile mix of restaurants and pop-ups to the Foodhall, where you can find anything and everything from daily essentials to unicorn poo (more on which, later).

So I recently took it upon myself to eat my way through the store, in a bid to share my top picks across the board.

Yes, it’s a tough life I know, but someone has to do it!

Breakfast at Hemsley + Hemsley 

Arriving at 9.30 a.m., the day started off on a nutritious yet flavour-packed note at the Hemsley + Hemsley cafe, where I’ve previously had supper.

My dreamy breakfast featured this scrumptiously crumbly quinoa courgette toast layered with avocado, fried egg and crumbled feta, while the lovely Clare from Selfridges’ team opted for an egg and bacon bun, sandwiched in a crisp yet soft and fluffy flaxseed bread made with just eggs, almonds and seeds (no grains or yeast involved).

In case you’re unfamiliar with the zeitgeisty food philosophy of the fitspiring Hemsley sisters behind the cafe, their Art of Eating Well is rooted in food that is organic and entirely free from gluten, grains, refined sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

I know, I know.

I’m getting a bit jaded about these modern day health-food buzzwords too, but what I love about Hemsley + Hemsley is that they really do deliver good food that’s also really good for you!


Seeing as breakfast had been such a healthy affair, my forever-hungry self was in a snacking-mood by the time elevenses (my favourite hour of the day) came around…

… And the new, nutrient-dense Rebalance range from the Selfridges selection fit the bill quite nicely, as did a cold-pressed burst of goodness from Press Juices!

Ladies who lunch

Lunch continued on a virtuous note at the stylish Corner Restaurant and Bar, tucked away in a quiet corner in the Women’s Designer Galleries.

The elegant selection of European dishes served here very much suited the unmistakable ladies-who-lunch vibe, with flutes of champagne nimbly making their way to each table throughout the afternoon!

The restaurant is actually one of the few spots in London where you can order Skinny Champagne, a low-sugar brand of fizz made with 40% reserved wine. The finely crisp and oh-so-light  bubbles might just be the next best thing to… well, champagne.


I have a feeling it’s definitely going to be my tipple of choice this summer, which is just as well, as I happened upon a MAGNUM of Skinny Prosecco from the same makers, Thomson and Scott, in the Foodhall afterwards…

Mid-afternoon pick-me-up

… And that’s when things started getting really interesting, as the Selfridges Foodhall is a place of wonder, where you can quite literally taste the rainbow. We’re talking rainbow cakes, rainbow meringues aka unicorn poo, and the very Instagrammable rainbow bagels (if you’re wondering, they taste like regular bagels – but are so much prettier – so there’s no sickly sweetness to contend with).

Other out-of-the-ordinary discoveries included Faux Fried (very vegetarian friendly) chocolate “chicken”!

The Foodhall is also where you’ll find Snowflake’s gelato-based interpretation of tea-time classics, from mini gelato macarons to gelato cookie sandwiches dipped in chocolate.

I especially love their gelato sponge sandwiches (a creative take on a traditional Victorian sponge cake), having indulged in the recently introduced afternoon tea here.


Of course there’s plenty to whet your appetite if it’s more traditional tea-time fancies that you’re after, from Pierre Hermé macarons (my favourite!) to the most exquisite of éclairs and meringues the size of my head.

My recent obsession with matcha also continued at T2’s edgy pop-up…

I definitely have my eye on their newly introduced matcha flasks too, which offer such a handy way of making matcha lattes on the go with their in-built whisks. All you need to do, is add matcha powder, water, milk and shake away!

Cocktail hour at Forest

As time flew by, sadly the day started slowly drawing to a close… but not before I trekked up to the rooftop Forest Restaurant and Bar for lush summer-appropriate cocktails over fresh, seasonal fare.

And it wasn’t good bye either, as I’ve already been back to Selfridges since. What can I say?  I simply couldn’t resist popping in for a little pick-me-up, when passing by the other day!

Do you have any foodie favourites at Selfridges?

I was a guest of Selfridges London, but as always, all opinions are mine and mine alone. 

Selfridges, 400 Oxford St, London WA1 1AB

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  1. Khushboo

    SUCH an amazing day- Selfie is my 2nd home in London….so fortunately there are plenty of delicious food options both inside and nearby! As you know, I was hooked with the poke bowl stand when I was last in London. I am most excited to check out Snowflake Gelato’s extension- sounds like my heaven!

    1. The Foodie Diaries

      Oh K, I know you’re going to love it! I really miss the Eat Poke London pop-up too, but I’m sure there will be something new and exciting in its stead soon – wish I was seeing you in LDN , such a shame we will just be missing each other! Xx

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