An Introduction

An Economist by training, consultant by profession and full-time foodie/ writer by passion, living between Bombay and London. Vegetarian. Keen on art and travel, with a penchant for pretty handbags.

Forever exploring the best eats in town, The Foodie Diaries started on Instagram as a way of chronicling my insatiable culinary quests.

I hope that this official blog whets your appetite further, as I continue to share my latest discoveries (from new favourites to hidden gems) in London and Bombay (the two great cities I’m proud to call home), and wherever else my wanderlust takes me…

You can also find Kitchen Inspiration here, as I collaborate with inspiring chefs and restaurants to bring you their exciting tips, tricks and recipes!

This blog is essentially my personal diary – documenting my inner musings and offering a glimpse into my life, including my fascination with the heady world of art, fashion and culture!

I just hope you enjoy reading this journal as much as I love sharing it with you…

– Ayushi


All photos are my own unless stated otherwise. All are taken from my iPhone 6 iPhone 7 Plus.

External Features

Having naturally always been a talkative person, over time I’ve welcomed the opportunity to contribute to / be featured on other platforms which I’ve long since admired.

Here’s where else you can find me (if you haven’t tired of me just yet!):


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Life Beyond The Foodie Diaries

My past & current projects range from supporting development of agricultural value chains and the infrastructure sectors of emerging markets, to setting digital media strategy and retail advisory work with food and lifestyle brands. For further detail on my project portfolio, please do have a look at my professional website, here.


If you’d like to get in touch, please do – I’d love to hear from you! You can always reach me at

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