A Gallerist’s Guide To Styling Your Home With Art

As we continue to remain housebound during the global pandemic, the aesthetic appeal and inherent comfort of our homes is increasingly more important. With more free time dedicated to re-decorating and even investing in art, we look to Sanjana Shah – art consultant & creative director of Tao Art Gallery – for inspiration. Here she explores the synergy between different interior palettes and the types of artworks that may go with it.

The home is a multi-purpose space that is our primary source for stimulation and inspiration. Coming from both a Real Estate and Art background, I have grown up seeing the two beautifully integrated – inextricably so sometimes! My mother couldn’t imagine a house with bare walls and the notion of shifting into a new home before the art had been put up was almost unimaginable!

The interior-art balance is a fine one. You don’t want to overwhelm nor do you want to underwhelm the experience of it. Therefore I suggest making only one (either the interiors or the art) the dominant aesthetic, which will then lead the way for the other. If you are an avid art collector and prioritize your statement art choices, then you can keep your interior color and tone minimalistic and monochromatic in order to allow the art to pop. But for most first-timers, the dominant reference point is almost always the interiors and if that’s the case then you can choose art based on what complements your preferred interior vibe!

No matter how neutral or flamboyant you wish to go on the spectrum, the most pleasing spaces always have a synergy, a small thematic link that ties the whole thing together. Below you can find images sourced from Portugal based Design House Boca do Lobo that shows you this balance in varied moods.

The lighter, neutral and simplistic examples

These spaces have a basic and classic color tone with the art blending in seamlessly with the interiors. You can see that the art is more abstract and looks like an extension of the living area itself. If there are color pops in the art, that is balanced with a similar color pop in the interiors through accessories like pillows or lamps! This makes the entire visual experience soft and comfortable.

Credit @Brabbu Design Forces | All images sourced via @BocodoLobo
Credit @BocodoLobo

The more pop, statement and bold examples

These spaces use art to break the monotony through vibrant sometimes-contrasting colors, figures and installations. Here, the art adds to the existing contemporary edge of the interiors and becomes the focal point for the eye

Credit @Cochet Pais
Credit @Studio Kaab
Credit @BocodoLobo

Overall, the art and interior co-ordination is inherently complimentary and you can see that at least one aspect of the interior, be it the furniture color, the marble or the carpet, ties in with the art work displayed. This mélange goes a long way in subconsciously communicating particular design personalities and emotions and should definitely be curated as per personal preference!

I believe the one thing that homes and art pieces have in common is that they embody the personality traits of their owners. Therefore it is critical that your home and your art speak, not just to you, but also to everyone who comes and experiences it. Make sure it speaks the language that most resonates with you!

About Sanjana Shah

Sanjana Shah comes from an Indian Art and Real Estate background. She is the Creative Director of Tao Art Gallery, which is an established cultural hub of Indian art in Mumbai since twenty years. In that role she plans exhibitions and manages the gallery’s brand image and sales. She is also working as an independent Art Curator and Consultant both in India and internationally as the Indian Ambassador for the Arte Laguna Prize Competition in Venice. 

As an extension of her role as Art Consultant she works part-time in her family company, Group Satellite, overseeing all the show flat interiors and aesthetics and engaging with clients and interior designers for art sales post completion. 

Follow her @SanjanaShah30.

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