Catching up with the Bombay Foodies: A Sugar-Fuelled Summer

It seems like yesterday that I was keeping up with the London foodies and getting my fill of what’s new before heading to Bombay for the summer.

But that was well over a month ago.

Since being here I’ve had my work cut out for me. Because, you know. Bombay.

It’s my sweet teeth which have been in for a real treat though, all thirty-two of them. At the risk of my trainer seeing this (and subsequently killing me in the gym later), here’s what my summer has looked like in a sugar-coated nutshell…

Getting my Freak on

So, this happened… As let’s face it, it was only a matter of time before I succumbed to the intoxicating pleasures promised in a FreakShake.

Originating from Perth, Australia, these formidable concoctions are more than a little OTT (over-the-top), with all sorts of sugary delights blitzed into a milkshake (cake, cookies, cupcakes – you name it), before oodles of rich cream and toppings are added on in a final flourish!

Our appetites piqued, my cuz and I popped along to Di Bella recently (incidentally, a coffee chain which also hails from Down Under) to get our fix.

To be perfectly honest, their caramel Gold Coast Pretzel FreakShake was a tad too sweet – shockingly even for me (it involved caramel, a Twix bar, cream, pretzels and an inescapably soggy waffle). But my cousin’s tweenage-self was blissfully content with the Childhood Wonderland – a white chocolate shake, featuring white chocolate ganache, marshmallows, swirls of whipped cream and a hot pink and yellow strawberry chocolate… While the unabashedly chocolatey Melbourne FreakShake was my pick of the lot!


Getting my brunch on 

Of course I’ve continued to uphold the sanctity of Sunday brunch whilst here, discovering a new favourite in Bastian – a seafood restaurant which does plenty right by vegetarians too, not to mention Chef Kelvin Cheung’s cracking take on weekend staples.

His cinnamon roll-French toast was every bit as comfortingly scrumptious as it sounds, but it was the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip pancakes which stole the show. I mean just look at those chocolate chips!

More on Bastian, here.

When I couldn’t choose between a croissant and a muffin

In other news, I finally got my hands on the cronut of 2016.

Queues  reportedly stretch for miles outside the San Francisco bakery famous for this croissant-muffin hybrid. Meanwhile here in Bombay, this wondrous creation has been birthed quietly and without much fanfare by the folks at Mag Street Kitchen.

I savoured each bewitchingly light and airy bite (oozing a creamy custard), washing it down with a velvety flat white. It was a morning idyllically well spent at the roastery-cum-café, Blue Tokai!

Full lowdown, here.

Fusion fun continued

It’s actually been quite a fertile time for creative unions…

In other encounters with fusion food, I tucked into this rather quirky assembly involving a cheesecake sandwiched between Parle G biscuits and dished up in an indulgently rich pool of rabri (essentially a thick, sweetened milk layered with oodles of cream) with a scattering of Cadbury gems on top.


It really shouldn’t have worked, but as with all the other offbeat East-meets-West dishes at Farzi Cafe, it delivered comfort and flavour in versatile spades!

More on fusion-food favourites, here.

Never a dull moment

I also paid a visit to the Cupcake Factory’s new outlet near Mehboob film studios to indulge in their scrummy selection of cupcakes, Oreo fudge slices and this:

I dare say that the only thing better than a cookie, is a cookie cup filled with ice cream and festooned with all sorts of sweet trimmings (including Nutella)!

Old school, old’s cool.

But as fabulously fun as these wacky concoctions are, there’s just no beating the classics either like a more simple combination of cookies and ice cream enjoyed at the new ice cream cafe, Oh Dough…

Or just a deliciously dewy chocolate cake (from my favourite bakery in town, Natalia’s Kitchen), covered in buttercream frosting lush enough to eat on  its own.

Paired with a plummy glass of red wine, it was the perfect way to celebrate crossing 10k followers on Instagram!

Do you prefer creative desserts or simple classics?

If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to when not eating, do have a read of my adventures playing tourist around town, here!

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