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Fudgy Vegan Dark Chocolate Salted Brownies

Is there anything as joyful as baking a batch of brownies? Adding to our growing repertoire of beautiful brownie recipes, are these fudgy dark chocolate salted vegan brownies by health & wellness expert Sarah Edwards of Copper + Cloves.

Made entirely from pantry staples, the great thing about this recipe is that it features all plant-based ingredients, with no processed flour or sugars. These fudgy vegan brownies are also gluten-free and vegan, presenting the opportunity to learn healthy baking skills such as making flour out of oats and almonds; and making an “egg” out of flaxseeds (one of the best substitutes for eggless baking!).

Key Ingredients For Fudgy Vegan Brownies

These fudgy vegan brownies are made without any dairy or eggs. Instead, we rely on:

  • Coconut oil and coconut milk, to replace butter as a fat in baking
  • A flax egg, to replace the eggs in brownies

How do you make a flax egg?

To make a flax seed egg,  you first need to make flax seed powder (grind up flax seeds to a fine powder in a mixie).

In baking – for one egg replacement take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed powder and mix it with 2.5 tablespoons of water, mix well and store in the fridge for 15 minutes. It will firm up and take on a gelatinous texture.  This is one egg replacement. If the recipe calls for two eggs, double these quantities, and so on.

Are these brownies also gluten-free?

Yes. We use a combination of homemade oat flour and almond flour instead of all-purpose flour.

So these brownies are basically healthy?

Yes! These fudgy vegan brownies are completely free of any refined sugar, instead relying on jaggery/ coconut sugar for natural sweetness. Be sure to use pure dark chocolate from an organic brand such as Mason & Co.

best brownie recipes

Fudgy Vegan Dark Chocolate Salted Brownies

Sarah Edwards | Copper + Cloves
Sarah Edwards of Copper + Cloves shares a recipe for the fudgiest vegan brownies luxuriating in the intensity of salted dark chocolate.
Course Dessert


  • 200 gm dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids)  (Sarah uses Mason & Co)
  • 75 ml coconut oil
  • 50 ml coconut milk
  • 100 gm almonds
  • 20 gm oats
  • 1 tbsp flax seeds
  • 40 gm chopped walnuts
  • Sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt
  • ¾ tsp baking powder
  • 80 gm coconut sugar or jaggery powder


  • First, make a ‘flax seed egg’. Grind flaxseeds to a powder in a mixie. Take 1 tbsp of flaxseed powder and mix well with 2.5 tbsp of water and set aside for 15 minutes. The mixture will become a bit gelatinous like an egg .
  • Make the flour. Grind your almonds and oats to a fine powder one by one. 
  • Next step is to melt the chocolate. This is the fun part! Break up the chocolate and place in a heatproof bowl. Heat a small amount of water in a saucepan. When it starts to bubble, turn the heat down, place the bowl of chocolate on top, and keep stirring. The chocolate will slowly melt. The bottom of the bowl should not be submerged in water. Once the chocolate has melted and there are no more lumps, take off the bowl of the pan carefully.
  • Mix all of your dry ingredients together in a bowl: the flours, the jaggery, the baking powder, and a pinch of salt.
  • Add your wet ingredients: the coconut oil, coconut milk, flaxseed and water mixture. Mix well; then add your melted chocolate and keep mixing. It will become a deep dark chocolatey mixture. Stir in your walnuts.
  • Line a baking tin with butter paper and pour the mixture. Place in the pre-heated oven at 180°C for 45-55 minutes depending on your oven. The top should have firmed up while the insides are still fudgy.
  • Wait for them to cool before cutting into squares!
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About Sarah Edwards | Copper + Cloves

Founded by health & wellness coach – Sarah Edwards – Copper + Cloves is committed to getting people excited about eating fresh, whole foods, as well as championing a farm-to-table philosophy. Follow them on Instagram @CopperandCloves.

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