Food & Table Styling Tips To Lift Life in Lockdown

We’re all spending a lot more time in the kitchen these days. However, it’s not just about what we cook, but also how we eat that offers us comfort and distraction during these lengthy days in lockdown.

From table decoration to interiors inspiration, home-stylist Janavi Javeri of Walls & Things and I have curated a collection of tangible tips to help you transform your meals into an elevated experience to eagerly look forward to!

Image Credits: Janavi Javeri | Walls & Things

Lend a sense of occasion to supper – at least once a week – to escape routine and make your evening a bit more special. It doesn’t require much – just dusting out your favourite crockery or dinner-set, laying out beautiful linen and putting in a bit of effort in styling your napkin settings.


You could also just break away from conventional table arrangements and add a playful splash of fun to your meals with decorative plates and a mix of tableware. A pastel colour theme is as soothing as it is pleasing to the eye, while a fresh sprig of spring flowers is a must.


If you really want to up the ante, remember that layering is key.

Whether you’re mixing different patterns, colours and textures, or simply using the same dinner-set collection – layering is what keeps your table interesting and oh-so-elegant too!

Also important? Lighting.

Have you noticed how hotels and restaurants carefully curate the extent of illumination to calibrate an ambient tone? Try doing the same by cutting down on excess lighting by evening to soften the mood. Simply dim the lights or even better, use candles!


You could also switch up where you eat, especially if you have a balcony or terrace to take advantage of.

Of course, with no where to rush to, breakfast in bed is becoming more of a norm. Brighten your mornings with a combination of soft flowers and rustic, natural materials (we love light wooden trays!) which welcome the outdoors in.


And if you – like us – are running on multiple caffeine hits through the day, why not create a coffee (or tea) station to retreat to in a cosy corner of your home?

Whether you need a kettle or a teapot, French Press or Nespresso machine – simply assemble all your essentials on a free surface (or a tray), along with your favourite mugs, books and a decorative object (or two) to add a personalised touch. Yes, we know it would never replace your favourite coffee haunt; but it nonetheless serves the need of the hour, offering a bit of escapism too!



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