Harrods’ Skincare Emporium

Harrods, that timeless bastion of luxuriant charms, is all set to change the way we shop for beauty and skincare. 

Earlier this summer, the first of its grand beauty halls opened to reveal an homage to the world’s most sought-after make-up and fragrance brands (including the exclusive launch of Gucci makeup), alongside championing boutique cosmetic brands.

Fashioned to evoke the intimate grandeur of a private residence rather than a department store, you’ll find this capacious space replete with fireplaces, a library and a pretty-in-pink “powder-room” where Insta-friendly design details are supplemented by interactive Magic Mirrors. Adopting AI technology, these mirrors can digitally map your facial features, so you can try on different make-up looks (foundation, mascara, lipstick, blush, the works!) without actually having to physically test the products out!

beauty hall I

The colossal redevelopment of Harrods’ beauty halls continues with the recent launch of its skincare emporium. It’s an Art Deco haven stylised by clean lines and pared-back elegance brushed with the glossy jolt of glamour one would but expect from the brands commanding pride of place here. Legendary names such as La Praire and La Mer but naturally feature, alongside a spectrum of brands leading the charge of the latest beauty trends.

Harrods Beauty Halls_Skincare Emporium_La Prairie_111Skin

Highlights include “J-Beauty” (Japanese beauty), with Harrods home to the European exclusive launch of Clé de Peau, who promise the ultimate radiance solution with “La Crème.” Suffused with an extract of a rare type of Japanese pearl and golden silk essence, this hard-to-find evening cream all but guarantees satin-smooth skin and an unmatched glow.

Doctor-led skincare is a welcome focus too, carving a space for brands backed by some of the world’s top physicians. Look out for Dr Sebagh, Dr Brown for RéVive and Dr Yannis Alexandrides for 111Skin, whose Celestial Black Diamond eye masks work wonders in lifting the bags under your eyes.

Speaking of which, Chantecaille‘s Stress Repair Concentrate + is a power pot of an eye cream, infused with plant botanicals from wild indigo to hawthorn! Other favourites include Swiss specialist Valmont, which  have created an exceptional line of fragrances “Storie Veneziane”, inspired by the sights, sounds and sensations of Venice! Adorned with Murano glass masks, their unique bottles certainly make for collectors’ items too.

There are also vegan-natural products, an “icons wall” and a dedicated gadgets zone stockpiling all the arsenal you need, whether for lifting and firming your skin (Nuface) or just boosting your inner glow (Beauty Bio Science and Foreo).

Harrods Beauty Halls_Skincare Emporium_Kiehls_Fresh

Of course, with the imminent launch of Phase III (in time for Christmas!), there will be many reasons to keep us coming back to Harrods’ time and again. The opening of 13 new treatment rooms promises more privacy and a chance to sink back, relax and enjoy the pampering from the world’s best skincare brands.

Combined with the Wellness Clinic (on the fourth floor) and a hair & beauty salon (on the fifth), there’s no denying that our favourite department-store is the ultimate one-stop-destination for all things beauty!

Discover more about the Wellness Clinic & Hair and Beauty Salons, here.

Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL, United Kingdom | https://www.harrods.com/en-gb

Photo credits @Harrods & @The_FoodieDiaries

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