Cookies at Crème, Soho

If you’ve ever had a hankering for *those* cookies at Mayfair’s North Audley Cantine, I have exciting news for you! NAC’s very own Chef Jeremy Coste has just opened a dessert shop in Soho and it’s all kinds of inviting.

The diminutive space on D’Arblay Street majors in colossal cookies, baked fast and to a crisp perfection.

There are four chunky flavours to choose from, alongside seasonal specials. Milk chocolate and double chocolate are the usual suspects, seriously-sweet and studiously-studded with chocolate chips. Puritans would critique that a touch of salt wouldn’t be amiss in lending a balancing foil. More ingenious, is a white chocolate cookie elevated by the umami-rich addition of miso!

My best advice would be to snaffle them whilst hot, when they break apart to reveal the soft, gloriously-gooey centre characteristic of chunky, Levain Bakery-style cookies.


A frosted-flake soft serve – speckled with cookie crumbs – has star billing on the menu too. It’s every bit as sweet as you’d expect or have hoped for (depending on whether you have thirty-two sweet teeth), but the Frosties flavour itself is not really discernible, with the ice cream a touch too dense and lacking the smooth-silkiness of its legendary counterpart at NAC.

I bookmark the blended frozen slushies to try on another visit and their s’mores & cream hot chocolate (completed by a torched marshmallow!) for a chilly evening.

Seating is in rather short supply, but the grab-and-go nature of Crème is consonant with its surroundings in the thrumming heart of Soho. Early reviews across the board are divided, but you should really pop in to decide for yourself. If nothing else, the cookies are definitely one for any Instagrammer’s bucket list!


Crème, 4 D’Arblay Street, London W1F 8DJ

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