London Diaries: The ABC’s of the Perfect Weekend

“Better days are coming.

They are called Friday, Saturday and Sunday”

I don’t know about you lot, but I haven’t been this giddy with excitement about Friday since… well, last Friday.

Whether plotting ahead or going with the flow – here are a few simple rules I follow for making the most of any weekend.

It’s really as easy as A, B, C…


Immerse yourself in the psychedelic world of Pink Floyd, or reacquaint yourself with the Masters of the Renaissance. Combined, the myriad of art galleries and museums in London offer something for everyone – whatever your mood, or whichever school of art you’re inclined towards. Rolling guide to London’s best exhibitions, here.


The only credible reason to really crawl out of bed on the weekend and give in to gluttony. A yolky situation is never amiss, and neither is that side of banana pancakes to go with your fry-up. Washed down with a good glug of fizz of course. Top picks for weekend brunch, here.


Rewind to the late night revelry that accompanied the evening before. Of late, I’ve been particularly partial to the Club within Park Chinois (off Berkeley Square), drawn back for the late night cabaret in the extravagantly-glamorous drinking and dining den downstairs…


But for a more low-key yet just as transfixing evening, I’m always keen on the theatre. My most recent visit was to see #SOHOTheShow – a dazzling display of aerial acrobatics, street dance and all kinds of other snazzy moves which charted the evolution of Soho through the decades! Have you seen anything of note recently? Do tip me off in the comments below.


Of course, if it’s a long weekend, Paris is always a good idea.

French toast

Yes, I know we’ve accounted for brunch already, but what about breakfast for dinner?

Game of Thrones

It’s almost time for another Season of wargs and White Walkers, dragons and deceit, intrigue and untimely deaths you never saw coming… Let’s be honest. Until then, we’re all secretly spending some part of the weekend re-watching past seasons in the hopes of unravelling those burning questions we so desperately need the answers to.


Of course, rewatching GoT is likely to leave you emotionally traumatised in one way or another. Sounds like as good a time as any to pursue hygge – “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or wellbeing.”

That’s the official spiel in the Oxford Dictionary anyways.

For me, hygge has always been about cherishing oneself and others and celebrating simple pleasures… It’s really as simple as a picnic in the park with friends, a bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten up a dull morning (see M), or a comforting glass of Rosé at the end of a long day!

Indian home food

Speaking of comforting, Sunday nights are usually reserved for home-food that’s not really home-cooked. So essentially, a meal/ takeaway at one of my (many) favourite Indian restaurants in London. Read the full list, here


Summed up quite simply as: Good friends. (Good food). Good mood.

King’s Arms

Because, really. Where else are you going to be when the clock chimes 5p.m. on a Friday, than at your local pub?

Love London

Join the Insta-gang to hunt down pretty-in-pink front doors, give into #WisteriaHysteria and find other stunning ways to declare your undying love for #PrettyLittleLondon.


I do love moseying along the thriving markets of London too, from following the foodie trail underneath the arches of Borough Market, to picking out the colours of the season from the vibrantly-overflowing buckets of flowers lining Colombia Road Flower Market! There are a few new ones to look out for too, including Last Days of Shoreditch, which promises London’s first avocado bar…


And then there’s that blissful feeling of binging on Netflix, especially during that cherished window of time between an eventful day (see A, B, L and M) and heading for a night on the town (C, J and T).

Despite the confusingly-mixed reviews, I have to confess that I really enjoyed the gothic reboot of Anne of Green Gables – Anne with an EI’m a bit late to the (political) party, but I’m finally catching up on Designated Survivor too, and simply can’t wait for the next Season of House of Cards to come crashing down on May 30. What are you watching? Do spill in the comments below.


… Oops. Going to have to get back to you on this one.


This is London. Chances are that it’s going to be pouring for a good part of the weekend.

Fret not cherubs, all is not lost as there’s something quite enchanting about a stroll in the park after it rains. I think the word we’re looking for is petrichor…


Of course, here’s hoping that it doesn’t rain whilst we’re waiting in line to get our hands on the next on-trend treat in town. Unicorn-this, or matcha-that anyone?

Rooftop Cinema

If it weren’t for my vegetarian-disposition, R would no doubt stand for (Sunday) Roast – but I’m sure it can be universally agreed that Rooftop Film Club is an equally worthy contender?

Rooftop bars might do nicely for that matter too, or ooh how about some retail therapy or R&R courtesy at-home beauty services via Ruuby App? (Just don’t forget to quote ‘TFD17’ to get 20% off your first booking!).


Luckily the only debate here is: jam first, or cream?

Time for a tipple

There’s nothing quite like a well-stirred cocktail to ring in the weekend – be it from the iconic martini trolley at The Connaught; an experimental concoction from the able bartenders at The Chess Club (hint: Mayfair’s latest members-only club is helmed by the Experimental Group); or an imaginative display of showmanship at The Gibson (recently ranked no.6 in the World’s 50 Best Bars!).


Never leave home without one. Because (and at the risk of repeating myself here), This. Is. London.


But if the weather Gods have been mercifully kind, head to the iconic courtyard of the V&A to catch some rays. Throw in a wander around the museum’s permanent collection, or gawk at Pink Floyd memorabilia, and it will have been a Sunday remarkably well spent indeed.


From waffle ice cream cones at Duck & Waffle Local, to eggy Hong Kong-style bubble waffles and even doughnut-waffles (apparently now a thing in Maltby Street Market), there are oh-so-many scrummy spins to this weekend staple…

It kind of makes you rephrase the lyrics to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem.

Everyday I’m wafflin’, wafflin’, wafflin.’ 

No? Just in my head? Oh dear, that’s embarrassing.


The ancient Greek word (denoting the covered portico of the gymnasium), might offer a quick reprieve if my old Oggsford tutors have been reading this post… Not to mention, save my waistline! You see, weekends are usually when I’m able to put in the maximum time and effort in my modern-day xystus.


When in doubt, it’s all the justification you need for that extra sliver (okay fine, slice) of cake or pat of cream on your scone. For another round of fizz, or to stay out dancing with pals till the early hours of the morning. You get the drift.


Because as we’ve well established – us Londoners are not above standing on chairs for that perfect top-down #flatlay shot of brunch, or traipsing across town to capture that insanely Instagrammable house in all its pastel perfection.

#WeekendWarriors #Millennials #LondonbyLondoners.

So. What’s your idea of #WeekendPerfection?

Author: The Foodie Diaries

A food travel & lifestyle journal, chronicling my culinary and other adventures around town.

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