Keeping up with the London Foodies: On Trend Eats in 2017

I’m both slightly embarrassed and proud to admit that I recently queued for over an hour to get my hands on London’s latest infatuation… eggy waffle cones.

The sensationally Insta-worthy treats are just the peak of the many thrilling food trends making waves at the moment; and as you likely know (and expect) by now, I can never resist the opportunity to indulge in a good round-up. So here goes with a running list of my latest and greatest discoveries around town this year. Happy eating!

*Those* bubble waffles

Originating in the 1950’s in Hong Kong, the now iconic street eats were borne out of a pragmatic need to find a use for cracked eggs which couldn’t be sold to customers. The rest as they say is history (and globalisation), with a more modern take now popping up in food trucks, kiosks and even dedicated cafes across London…


Crisp-edged on the top and soft and chewy further down, each golden whopper of a waffle is literally stuff of an Instagrammer’s dreams – served curled up in a cone and filled to the brim with generous wallops of gelato and all sorts of sweet trimmings and sauces from traditional mochi, condensed milk and red bean paste, to crushed Oreos, fudge and peanut butter !

If you can beat the rush, try the stellar offerings at Bubblewrap’s new store in Chinatown. I quite like the matcha variation at #atch Waffles in nearby Soho too!

Conscientious eating

The scrupulous principles which gave rise to egg waffles are at the centre of the current food waste movement, led by home-grown brands which rescue and make use of surplus or “wonky” fruits and veggies. Think fruit jerky, fruit crisps, relishes such as Banana Ketchup and more.

The on-trend status of conscientious eating is confirmed by the unprecedented popularity of WastED London. Visiting chef Dan Barber’s pop-up on the rooftop of Selfridges champions all sorts of wasted ingredients – from byproducts to leftovers and seemingly imperfect produce which would otherwise have been binned. If you manage a table before the restaurant disappears in early April, expect to feast on burgers fashioned from leftover juice pulp, rescued veal nuggets, cod cheeks, cylindrical cores of spiralised vegetables and the like! Full review, here. 


Street food (… but not as you know it)

Continually staying ahead of the curve, the hallowed grounds of Selfridges are also home to an indoor offshoot of one of London’s most thriving markets…

At Urban Food Fest‘s shiny new deli counter in the store’s Food Hall, you can find jam jar cocktails, pizzas on a fabulously fluffy focaccia base and “wafflewiches” sporting chocolate eggs, melted s’mores, Oreo cookies and cream and similar scrummy toppings. The obsession with waffles continues.

Meanwhile several buzzworthy restaurants are heading outdoors, including Breddos Tacos which is rolling its taco truck into Holborn every weekday…. I know, I know. Just when you thought we’d reached the height of the Mexican revolution in London!

Drink the rainbow

From “red velvet” beetroot lattes to Golden milk, it’s currently *all* about having a pretty-in-pastel start to your day… And upping the ante considerably, Mount Street Deli have introduced rainbow lattes on the menu to match the ethereal transformation of their shop front and terrace. There’s nothing quite like the sight of a unicorn in your coffee to brighten up a grey morning, wouldn’t you agree?


 Chocolate, X ways

Another game-changer at breakfast comes in the entirely scrumptious form of chocolate crumpets from Knead Bakery (they’re best had warm and with a generous pat of maple butter on top). Find them at Knead’s pop-up in Broadway Market (Hackney), or in Selfridges’ Food Hall (where else).


And if you’ve given up chocolate for Lent, this might well be the year to test your willpower to the max as even humble store-bought bars are getting a makeover, with Cadbury’s introducing mint and peanut-butter Oreo flavoured varieties…

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can take your’s to Pizza Pilgrim’s new outpost in Shoreditch which is operating on a BYOB and a BYOC basis. That’s Bring Your Own Chocolate, with which the restaurant will create your bespoke dessert calzone, encasing the chocolate bar in dough and baking it into a folded, sweet pizza!

Instagram appeal

Of course the Insta-gang continue to grow in strength and number, fuelled by the achingly snappable cafes and concepts popping up across London. These are just a few of the spots bookmarked on my #feedfeed, with plans to visit neatly pencilled into my Foodie Diaries.


What's for lunch? Mozzarella sticks of course! Our hatch opens at midday! 🧀🔥🧀

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What am I missing? Drop me your recommendations in the comments below!

If you’re hungry for more, here’s my round-up of new London restaurants opened in 2017 (regularly updated with noteworthy openings).

5 thoughts on “Keeping up with the London Foodies: On Trend Eats in 2017

  1. Must must try bubble waffles & must tolerate queue of required! The latte is a thing of beauty and I have had that matcha crepe cake from Kova and it is totes worth the hype!!


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