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I wasn’t sure whether to write this post as while I’ve been to the recently opened Mockingbird Cafe Bar twice now, to be frank, I haven’t tried enough of the menu to comment on it. Nor was I overly impressed with the few dishes that I did taste.

But the fact remains – I’ve been here twice in less than a month. That’s more than I can say for a lot of my favoured haunts around town. So at the very least, I can share with you a few of the things that I did like about this new, literary-themed all-day spot in Churchgate…

… Starting with the cosy little nook tucked away at the back, lined with book shelves filled with a host of inviting titles (both classics and contemporary) from owner, Deepak Purohit’s personal collection.


The first time I visited, my friend and I eschewed the high bar-style counters and stools in the main dining area, instead sinking down on to the soft bean bags here as we nursed a cup of hot buttered apple tea – a drink that will be achingly familiar to loyalists of the temporarily shuttered Tea Centre next door (also managed by Deepak up until recently, this old-world Bombay institution was a memorable stop on my Tea Tour around town last year).


The literary theme extends to quirky touches that add character to the otherwise sparse decor, including short six-word stories that are pegged to a clothes line against a far wall.

Deepak would love for visitors to write their own versions too, promising to add the most creative ones to the mix – writers get a drink on the house as well!


And there’s a lot of food for thought on the menu too.


In typical Indian-cafe fashion, you can find everything from baos and burgers to pizzas and pastas on offer.

My second visit was with cousins on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the kind that merits a #foodcoma sort of situation…


… So we sprung for nachos (baked with salsa, cheddar and mozarella melt) and a mac n cheese. To be honest, the nachos tasted like the generic store-bought ones, as did the cheese in both our dishes, which was excessively milky.

Put another way – the meal had a simple homemade-quality to it although I will say that the mac n cheese did hit that comfort-food spot – much like the bread and butter pudding I’d tried on my previous visit, which while a tad stodgy had nonetheless been quite satisfying!




All told, we really enjoyed our afternoon – in no small part also due to the buzzy and cheerful vibes… And with the likes of “Tequila Mockingbird”, “Romeo and Julep” and “Gin Eyre” among the many classics featured among the cocktails, I suspect that there’s still another chapter here left to write – as no doubt, I’ll be flocking back to the Mockingbird to try these as some point!

Have you been? If so, please do drop a line in the comments below with tips on what to try next time round!

Mockingbird Cafe Bar, 80, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai

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