Power Lunch Hour at Brown’s Hotel

“I can’t. I have to go the gym.”

Over the years, wellness and exercise have seamlessly become a part of my lifestyle, principles by which I religiously try and structure my day.

Don’t get me wrong, there was a time not too long ago when the prospect of Pilates would be quickly forsaken for pie & lattes.

But a workout is no longer a cumbersome chore to be ticked off in a bid to keep the pounds creeping on, given my rather keen enthusiasm for eating out and for food in general. It’s something that I look forward to at the end of a long day, a way of switching off and recharging.

Of late though, I have to confess that I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to juggle different elements of my life – work, blogging, family and social life – whilst having enough time for myself. My gym sessions are invariably being cut shorter, and I can never seem to find a window to take that needed break, with a spot of pampering to revitalise.

So when I heard that Brown’s Hotel – the historic Mayfair establishment coupling old world charm with modern panache – is running a Power Lunch Hour to revive, relax and replenish, and all in 60 minutes, I immediately signed up.

Arriving slightly frazzled at the appointed hour on a hot Friday afternoon, I was directed to a tranquil therapy room, with an adjoining area to shower and change, in the hotel’s spa tucked away below ground level, away from the chaotic world outside.

First up, was a gruelling 25 minute physical training session with Marta Beacom, the fitspirational figure behind iBecome.London, a bespoke time-efficient health coaching service.

Their ethos and logo is inspired by the Vitruvian Man, a nod to Da Vinci’s philosophy of symmetry, proportion and balance of the human body, and the importance of incorporating these different elements into a modern lifestyle.


iBecome sessions are designed around five levels, from iBecome Healthy (for those taking initial steps towards a more balanced lifestyle) to iBecome Optimal (aimed at pushing already high achievers to their peak level of fitness). My workout was tailored around iBecome Fit, an intermediate level perfect for me, as realistically I’m looking to to achieve incremental benefits in health, taking into consideration my hectic lifestyle.

The next 25 minutes passed by in a blur of squats, free weights and an abs attack as we went for a full body workout. Challenging but very rewarding, and with a satisfying stretch at the end.

This was followed by a soothing 25 minute massage that worked away at all the tension in my back. It was so relaxing, that I actually fell asleep for the most part…

The Spa at Brown's - E Lewis - HR

… Waking up to find a detoxifying protein smoothie ready and waiting for me in all its green glory.

Regular readers can guess how delighted I was to also discover that the Power Hour included lunch at Raw Press across the street, as this trendy cafe is one of my favourite healthy hangouts in town. As the shake from Brown’s was quite filling in itself, I opted for a light acai bowl topped with blackberries, coconut yogurt, granola and cacao nibs. Deliciously wholesome and cooling, it always hits the spot during the humid summer months.



I emerged from the Power Lunch Hour rejuvenated and quite ready to take on the weekend. I was a guest of Brown’s, but don’t doubt that I’ll be booking back quite regularly and on my own accord. In the mean time, you may also see me at iBecome’s outdoor total body workouts in Green Park this summer (you can find out more here)!

Brown’s Hotel, 33 Albemarle St, Mayfair, London W1S 4BP 

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