November Lifestyle Edit

Welcome to your monthly lifestyle edit, a new series curating the best of what to do, see and of course, EAT this month. From offbeat recommendations to exclusive reader offers, this guide has plenty to keep your diary full for the coming weeks, even in the time of Corona!

Festive Fun

The festive season is upon us but needless to say celebrations will be quite different this year. With social distancing still a priority, larger-than-life parties and seasonal shindigs might be foregone for smaller, more intimate gatherings with close family and friends like family. Despite the challenge to the status quo we once knew, there are many ways in which we can set the stage for memorably special celebrations.

Eat: Gur Chini’s Luxury Mithai

From Bavarian chocolate barfi to South American almond tacos and a hot pink rendition of traditional motichoor ladoos, Guru Chini’s assortment of artisanal mithai is not unlike a delicate box of jewels. Each exquisite piece is set apart by its unique flavours and textures, not to mention a distinctly healthy approach relying on stevia to impart a subtle sweetness along with all-natural sweeteners such as jaggery, palmyra, dates and four different types of honey! The Delhi-based brand is now available in Mumbai via Foodhall. |

mAKE: Festive Treats

To really get into the festive spirit: why not have a gander at whipping up festive treats at home? All you need is a handful of staple ingredients (five or less, I promise!) and one mixing bowl!

Shop: DesignOne

Covid might have scuppered many of our plans this year, but it definitely won’t put any dampener on our festive season shopping. DesignOne – the hotly anticipated shipping extravaganza – has launched an online marketplace (with a special Diwali edit to boot!), championing its regulars (from ASAL by Abu Sandeep to Payal Singhal and Jayanti Reddy), alongside online exclusives from trending brands such as Lovebirds, Nadiya Paar and KoAi. |

Level Up: Festive Tablescaping

After all, it’s not just what we eat, but how we eat which offers us so much comfort, distraction and joy!

New To Netflix

The Crown Season 4 | Sunday 15 November

The Crown will continue its rule over the small screen this month, with the new season of the grandiose drama chronicling the reign of Elizabeth II between 1979 and 1990. Yes that means, the Queen will essentially be sharing the stage with two of the other most formidable women in history to rock the monarchy in their unique way. Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher.

Art & Culture

Art Night Thursday

When: 12 November

Where: Mumbai’s Art District (around Colaba)

What: The second Thursday of each month, sees the coterie of galleries in Colaba (Mumbai’s undisputed art district) extending their opening hours until 8pm, with a few galleries previewing new shows. Every precaution is being taken by the galleries to provide a safe environment for the viewers to enjoy the exhibitions. Here are a few highlights from Mumbai’s ongoing/ upcoming must-visit exhibits, most of which can also be viewed through the galleries’ online viewing room.

Jehangir Sabavala:

Pilgrim Souls, Soaring Skies, Crystalline Seas

When: 29-Oct-2020 to 10-Dec-2020

Where: Akara Art |

What: A jewel-like exhibit placing on view a number of paintings by Jehangir Sabavala that have not been seen in public since they were first exhibited in the 1960s and 1970S.

All is Not Lost 20:20:20

When: 08-Oct-2020 to 28-Nov-2020

Where: Sakshi Gallery |

What: A show of 20 young talented artists who have responded to the ongoing coronavirus crisis and are yet forging their way forward.

Filed under: a/muse/um

When: 08-Oct-2020 to 12-Nov-2020

Where: Tarq |

What: Drawings, interviews and datasets of what the artist, Garima Gupta was able to uncover during her field work across the Southeast Asian archipelago, including micro-stories around wildlife habitats as well as wildlife markets.

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The tropics have been a site of archiving and interpreting for explorers and surveyors deployed by the imperial powers. A curious and recurring element in these utilitarian archives is the notebook kept by those documenting the region. The works in the exhibition are an act of opening up the monolith of information guarded by imperially funded bio-prospecting agencies. This series of drawings together questions the politics of data collecting and its interpretations and the impact that this has on the social and cultural understanding of an eco-system. #Repost @_.g_a_r_i_m_a._ 1st October, 1906. Zoological museum at Tring Priced at six pence, a publication from the Zoological museum announces the discovery of two new species of Birds of Paradise on the island of New Guinea. ‘THE two most remarkable birds here described were discovered in the mountains of German New Guinea by the veteran collector Wahnes, who will, we hope, give us further particulars as to the exact habitat and altitude, when he has more fully explored the interesting district where he procured these birds.’ Out of the two newly discovered species, the astrapia bird is named after Lionel Walter Rothschild, the man whose personal collection of natural history specimens later comes together as the Tring museum. The other bird is named after Carl Whanes who collected these two birds in New Guinea. —- 2016. Huon Peninsula, New Guinea On a quiet evening in Sapmanga, Kevin tells me that the Astrapia rothschildi, bird named after Lionel Walter Rothschild in 1906 is called Omeng in his language. It translates as ‘the bird with feathers like a long leaf’. —- Seen here: GARIMA GUPTA Rothschild's bird, 2020. Graphite & Pastel dust on blue paper 11.7 x 8.3 inches ‘filed under: a/muse/um’ by Garima Gupta will be on view until 12th November, 2020. View the show online via our online viewing room or book an appointment to visit the gallery #LinkInBio

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