Rainy Day Recipes Cosier Than Your Bed

There’s something so marvellously magical about the monsoons. Life takes on a wistful hint of nostalgia, peppered with petrichor – that fresh smell of the earth after it rains.

Truth be told, I could spend hours ensconced by the window, gazing out as the clouds pour down to the point where one can’t tell the sea from the sky. It’s the simple pleasures which rain supreme this season, from consoling cups of kadak chai – paired with piping-hot pakoras, of course – to midnight cocoa, soundtracked by rumbling thunder and wind.

In fact there are silver linings a-plenty from a foodie’s humble perspective. Gathered here are my favourite rainy-day recipes to prove it!

Dan Dan Noodles

An ode to the soul-stirring comfort of noodles, Chef Kelvin Cheung’s Dan Dan Noodles are searingly spicy. blanketed by a rich broth brimming with chillies and ground Sichuan peppers… Get the recipe, here | You can also discover more of Chef Kel’s signature Asian recipes from The Foodhall Cookbook, here.

Thai Green Curry

There’s nothing quite as cathartic as a Thai curry either, to add a splash of colour and an intense medley of flavours to an otherwise grey day! Scratch-cook your own curry paste for a truly authentic rendition, set apart by its fragrant hit of fresh herbs and essential spices, Get the recipe, here.

Pasta e Fagioli

Translating to “Pasta and Beans”, this wonderfully-rustic dish is typical of the Italian countryside from Tuscany to Veneto and South of Italy. Its simplicity lies in the underlying combination of humble, inexpensive ingredients, manifesting in an intensely-rich soup which is full of warmth. Get Danilo Cortellini’s recipe, here.

Roast Tray-Bakes

A warm tray full of roasted, caramelised golden-brown veggies, sticky around the edges and nudged with flavoursome grains topped with fresh herbs and crunchy seeds… There’s much comfort be found in a roast tray-bake! Not to mention that the thoughtful process of assembling this dish is a lovely way to spend the best part of a rainy day, sequestered indoors in the time of Corona. Coper + Clove’s full guide to tray-bakes, here.

Golden Cocoa Chai

With all the immunity-boosting properties of turmeric and the richness of cocoa, this drink is as deliciously-filling as it is nourishing, with a burst of energy from the caffeine hit of cacao. Sip, savour and enjoy! Get Mira Manek’s recipe, here.

La Folie’s Hot Chocolate

Of course, when it comes down to it, nothing beats a classic cuppa hot chocolate. Chef Sanjana Patel’s signature recipe from La Folie is as intensely-rich as you’d hope for, but healthy too and keto-friendly! Get the recipe, here.

Coffee & Chocolate Tea Cake

As for rainy day bakes, I’m rather partial to this elegant loaf cake which shapes up to be the perfect tea-time treat. Dewy, deliciously-moist and speckled with hazelnuts, with a splash of coffee adding a kick of caffeine to go with your afternoon cuppa. Get the recipe, here.


Tender fruits singing with caramelised flavours and crowned by a streusel-like topping with a crisp and buttery crumb. Is there anything cosier than a crumble, starring seasonal fruits from juicy peaches to tart blueberries? Learn how to bake the perfect crumbles, here.

Gluten-Free, Vegan-Friendly Chocolate Mug Cake

If the weather has you feeling lazy though, there are always mug cakes for instant gratification. Simply mix all your ingredients in one bowl, transfer to a mug, pop it in a microwave and a minute later, voilà! You have a satisfyingly-sweet and cakey dessert, perfectly proportioned for one! Get Parfait’s perfect Chocolate Mug Cake recipe, here.

I’d love to hear from you! Do let me know if you try this recipe – leave a comment below; and tag me in your delicious creations on Instagram @the_foodiediaries.


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