Welcome to my “Kitchen Inspiration” series, an incredibly exciting platform where I collaborate with my favourite restaurants, chefs, brands and food writers, to bring you their exciting tips, tricks and recipes to try at home!


Avocado Smash 2
Avocado Smash by Detox Kitchen

Avocado Smash with toasted nuts and seeds, Detox Kitchen

Apricot and coconut granolaHealthbox London

Carrot pancakes (with a Carrot Mary)Ketel One

Chimchurri fried eggs and salmon bagelsKetel One

Coffee & mylkRaw Press Co

Buttermilk pancakesChristopher’s Covent Garden

Gluten and dairy free porridge: Miso Oats & Quinoa Kick, Maple & Fitz


Cornish Seaweed Frittata
Cornish Seaweed Frittata by Lee Westcott

Pomegranate-grilled halloumi; & tahini miso baked auberginesMaple & Fitz

Vegan mac n cheese and Indian butter “chicken”Maple & Fitz

Twice-baked Montgomery cheddar soufflé & skinless chicken salad, The Ivy

Cornish seaweed and cheddar frittata, Lee Westcott for Davidstow®

Radiance bowlMira Manek

Plantain-chorizo medallions & earl grey glazed pork bellyFlavorful World


Cheddar scones, Lee Westcott for Davidstow®

Teriyaki coconut jerky, coconut energy bonbons & more, Mighty Bee


Amalfi Lemon Tart

Amalfi lemon tart, Theo Randall

A classic tiramisu, Enrica Rocca Cookery School

A lighter tiramisu, Natural Kitchen Adventures

Salted date chocolate coconut ice creamMaple & Fitz

Sticky cranberry puddingTruc Vert

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