“Mumbai is the city, but Bombay an emotion.”

This is a city of ceaseless charm and steadfast spunk. Of timeless traditions, moving with a modern train of thought. A melting pot of cultures, manifesting in a liberal and spirited zest for life.

Life in Bombay is anything but ordinary; and gathered here are the recommendations to prove it.

Keep a pulse on the latest in the dynamic dining scene or revisit an old classic. Follow the art trail across avant-garde galleries or discover the hidden gems of your favourite neighbourhoods. There’s plenty by way of noteworthy news and enchanting explorations chronicled here too…

Bombay Eats

Complete Index of Restaurant Reviews


A Foodie’s Guide to The Monsoons in Mumbai

Top Picks For Weekend Brunch

Cafés Off The Beaten Path


Art + Culture

An Art Lover’s Guide To Bombay

An Insider’s Guide To Kala Ghoda

Quintessentially Bombay

Inside Look at The Royal Opera House


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