London Reviews: Bao, Soho

Of the all the British habits that I’ve picked up over the many years living in London, the most useful has to be the willingness and patience developed to wait in a queue. My endless quest for the best eats in town has found me standing in line on good many an occasion, from breakfast (for Bilbo Granger’s ricotta hotcakes, and boy were they worth it) to even for a street salad.

So I suppose that it was inevitable that I would succumb to the hype surrounding Bao. The Taiwanese street stall (originating in Netil Market) recently set down permanent roots in Soho’s Lexington Street, with Time Out correctly predicting a Momofuku-style buzz and queues…

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Life is too short to drink bad coffee. And luckily, in no small part thanks to the Aussie/ Kiwi style cafes branching out across London, we never have to.
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Because, friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee.