Mumbai News: First Look, Foodhall @Vama

This is essentially a public service announcement for gourmands of South Bombay: Foodhall has brought its epicurean emporium closer to our doorsteps, at Vama, Peddar Road. Here’s why it’s set to be your next go-to destination.

The City’s First Soft-Serve Bar

With mercury levels rising, there’s no better way to beat the heat than with swirls of soft serve at Xoco 57 by Foodhall – the city’s first soft serve bar. Piled high with a spiffy selection of sauces & toppings (from Nutella and peanut butter, to speculoos and French crêpe crisps), the velvety ice-cream is a treat for idle hands on a hot summer’s day!

KC Roasters

Those fiendish about their caffeine, will be delighted to know that they can find Koinonia Coffee Roasters‘ high-grade coffee beans (sourced from Chikmanglur to Nilgiris) and high-octane brews here too. Expect artisanal drinks (activated charcoal mint mocha anyone?), alongside an affogato bar and an intriguing selection of cold coffees. Think Vietnamese iced lattes, maple walnut iced lattes and a “South Bombay” cold coffee enriched with chicory, jaggery and coconut cream for a natural touch of creamy sweetness!


A Tea Sommelier

Of course, if coffee isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always The House of Tea at Foodhall where a tea sommelier will guide you as you make your own blend. Start by choosing your loose leaf base (will it be Darjeeling green tea, Assam black tea or Rooibos?), before adding a medley of infusions until you strike your desired notes. I’m particularly partial to the earthy tones of sage and lemongrass, lightened by hints of lavender and rose petals to impart floral flavours.


The blush pink seating, marble-topped tables and cosy corners of the tea salon are also a picture-perfect setting for tea and cheese pairings (!), not to mention a quintessentially British afternoon tea, complete with finger sandwiches, scones and tea-time fancies!

A Globe-Trotting Café

Foodhall’s passion for bringing global cuisines and ingredients to your plate, makes the Café at Foodhall a worthy spot for your next meal. The intensely-flavoured Malaysian Laksa is already a favourite, its spicy slant tempered by a fragrant touch and the cooling heap of soba noodles generously added to the coconut curry. There’s plenty by way of more Buddha bowls (a creative assembly that renders an entire meal in a bowl!), sandwiches, salads and sushi here too!



Needless to say, the new store will also take care of all our gourmet grocery needs with its hydroponic wall (for fresh herbs), cheese market (choose from over 150 varieties for your next party platter!), avocado station (because is there such a thing as too much avocado?), chocolate library (yes, really!) and aisles stocked with fabulously-fresh produce and more! So if you need to find me, you know now where I’ll next be…

Foodhall @Vama, Peddar Road, Mumbai | Follow their news on Instagram, here.

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