Fashion Styling Tips from Harrods: How to Stay On-Trend for SS17

As my near & dear ones know, it’s all too easy for me to spend the good part of a weekend afternoon in Harrods… although it has to be said, my most recent visit was an incredibly educational one as I learnt all about the key trends for Spring Summer 2017 and *the* must-have pieces this season!

Presented by Harrods’ archly-chic styling team, the versatile and pragmatic tips showcased how just the one statement-item of clothing can be worn in different ways to get the most out of it.

Here are a few of the insights I gained; I hope they add a splash to your wardrobe too!


Think Pink

Pink is not just for Wednesdays this season (if the Mean Girls reference eluded you, would I be off the mark for presuming you’re not a Millennial?).

Once you’ve picked the right shade for your skin tone (lighter works better with dark skin, and vice versa) – the soft yet bold hue can be an all day, every day affair in the coming months!

Embrace fringes to artfully break up a long and bold block of pink, or look to playful and oversized shirts (another key trend to take on board), tucked into comfortable jeans with an edgy flair. Pair it with heeled sandals or otherwise trainers, depending on whether you want to dress it up or down!

Yellow is also the new black for SS17, and similarly to pink can be worn in subtle or bold bursts depending on your mood.

Combined with the current focus on florals, I have my eye firmly on this carefree frock by Roksanda, teamed up with an oversized, slightly neon yellow clutch!


Terrific Trenches

If there’s the one thing you can always count on in London – it’s the fickle-minded weather, which always seems to favour heavy and unpredictable bouts of rain.

Quite fortunately then, that old trench coat you likely have hanging at the back of your wardrobe is very chic to pull out at the moment! But if you’re looking to make an update, go for a cropped version or one with an asymmetric hemline (yet another trend to look out for by the way, especially on shirts and blouses)…


All About The Bomber

… While a statement bomber jacket will also be your constant companion into summer, effortlessly elevating even a simple look to more modish proportions. I’m keen on the cream one pictured below, by Philip Lim.

Throw  it over a long gown or maxi-dress during the day with trainers underneath, or slip on heels later at night. Bombers will also make for a perfect pairing with a swimwear-inspired look, which is set to be all the rage as we (hopefully soon!) step into warmer months…



Despite the grainy picture above, if your eyes fell on the elephant shoulder bag from Loewe, you’ve caught onto yet another key theme this season… The smaller (and more playful) your micro bag, the trendier!

What are your favourite trends from SS17?

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