Kitchen Inspiration: Make your own #DreamMagnum

When it comes to my (well-chronicled) love for ice cream, nothing quite hits the spot like a bar of double Magnum at the end of a long day.

One of the many highlights of #Summer2016 in London was a visit to the Magnum pop-up, where I indulged in a triple-chocolate dipped Magnum liberally coated with rose petals, silver pearls and heaps of gold leaf!

The personalised experience inspired me to create my very own #DreamMagnum at home recently, adding on all sorts of sweet toppings for an extra-scrummy treat…

The process is actually quite simple and starts with melted chocolate. Apart from adding a touch more decadence, it also helps your toppings to stick firmly to the Magnum!

You can use dark, white or milk chocolate, depending on your preference.

I used an 85% dark chocolate bar (Green and Black’s) to add a bittersweet texture, microwaving the broken pieces for a minute and a half or so (stirring in between).

Et voilà!


Next, the toppings.


I always keep an assorted jar of sprinkles handy to add a colourful and decorative splash. While honey and salted caramel popcorn went marvellously with the mini almond bar!

You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find just rummaging around in your kitchen… and of course you should be as creative or as wacky as you like! On my recent foray to Borough Market, I came back armed with edible rose and marigold petals, which I’m planning to mix with a pinch of saffron for my next #DreamMagnum.

Other combinations I’m super excited to try include blueberries, coconut flakes and goji berries (for a more virtuous sort of indulgence!); and crushed cookies and Frosties cereal (inspired by one of my favourite desserts at NAC Mayfair).

I can’t think of a more satisfyingly simple yet oh-so-exquisite treat to tuck into, once back home in my PJs at the end of a long day… and preferably as I catch up on my favourite TV shows!

What’s your #DreamMagnum?

This post was sponsored. Seek out more inspiration on Magnum’s website, here.


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