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When I made the jump from an Instagram-only blog to sharing my Foodie Diaries on this little slice of the internet less than a year ago, there was no foreseeing the exciting adventures ahead, from the memorable experiences I’d collect to the wonderful people whom I would connect with in the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers! So, thanks Honey and Steph for nominating me into this blogger link-up. Here’s picking up the baton without further ado.

Where is your all-time favourite destination?





Stunning landscapes everywhere you look, cheese and carbs all day ‘errday, a relaxed and rejuvenating pace of life and most importantly family-time… There are so many reasons why some of my best travel memories are rooted in the quiet and oh-so-charming towns of Swissland, as I recently reminisced, here.

Which post are you most proud of?

Hmm this is a tough one. I do love a good round-up and so really enjoyed spilling the beans on my favourite cafe haunts in both London and Bombay, the two cities between which I split my time.

Over the past several months, I’ve also moved from just food-blogging to also writing my travel diaries. I especially loved sharing my royal experience at the Imperial in Delhi, which explored the art, culture and heritage behind the hotel too, not to mention my discovery of it’s spa – truly a hidden gem in the city!

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party, alive or dead?

Audrey Hepburn (the persona of grace and elegance in my humble opinion).

John Nash (I’m a math geek at heart and an economist by profession).

Ian Somerhalder (the smouldering reason I’m still watching the Vampire Diaries and as Steph pointed out, it’s really important to have some eye candy at any soirée).

Roland Mouret (I’ve long since been an ardent admirer of his timeless approach to fashion… simple yet elegant, his stunning designs never fail to turn heads).

George & Amal Clooney (do I really need to explain myself here?).

Oooh and I’d like for the dinner to involve a fusion feast where the East meets West in the most imaginative way possible. So yes, could it be cooked up by Chef Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent please?

Do you have a favourite travel app?

Easy – Instagram! Right before I visit any city (even if I’ve been before), I make a  wish-list of things to do and eat based on pictures that catch my fancy. It’s a good strategy, that led me to this hidden installation inside the mammoth Dubai Mall…

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about blogging?

Gosh, where to begin!

So I started Instagram as a way of sharing my adventures with fellow foodies, particularly my discoveries on the latest and greatest eats and treats in town… I love that this written blog offers me a much broader platform and reach to do the same. In the bargain, I’ve also had some incredible experiences attending new openings and other exciting events, such a recent nine-course extravaganza to herald the launch of Rivea, a new European restaurant at Taj hotels’ latest property in Mumbai!

Most importantly though, I love that blogging has introduced me a whole community of like-minded individuals and I’ve been really lucky enough to form some great friendships in the process that now go beyond a shared interest in blogging.

It’s also made me rediscover my passion for writing. As a consultant, my daily routine usually has me up to my eyeballs in excel spreadsheets and economic reports. Writing my blog at the end of the day is the best form of escapism!

The flip-side of course is that as it’s not a full time occupation, it can be hard to juggle blogging with work, having a social life, finding time for the gym (I’m one of those who work out for the sole purpose of eating more) and kicking back with a bit of me-time. But that’s just life I suppose – you gotta find a balance!

Is anything you like to do any time you visit somewhere new?

I’ll have to confess – rather than a check-list of sights to see, I’m all about making sure I don’t miss out on signature specialities and other famous dishes that the city is known for… Which is why I’ll aways fondly look back on my visit to Salzburg for the Sacher torte enjoyed at the grand Sacher hotel; remember Rome for the cacio e pepe; and often find myself craving a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry in Boston’s North End Italian district!

Where is somewhere you’ve been or something you did that you didn’t expect much of but ended up loving? 

Yoga! It’s currently the buzzword in all fitness circles here in Bombay and over in London too – but it wasn’t until I recently went along to a sunset yoga session on the pristine beach at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, that I really felt the true power and peace associated this age-old practice.


What’s you pet peeve?

I’ll give you three: hypocrisy; things that didn’t taste as good as you expected (I’d definitely like a refund on those calories please); and ugly handbags (it’s really beyond me as to why they were created).

What’s your most treasured possession?

My battered red filofax diary – I’ve had it since I was in school. It literally organises my life down to a T and over the years it’s been filled with dedicated notes from friends and even a personalised sketch by the renowned artist, Laxman Shreshtha!

So it looks like its time to expand the Sisterhood by handing over to the next set of awesome bloggers!

I nominate the vivacious Bella Franks; fitspiring fellow foodie and my left brain, Khushboo Thadani; and Shikha from Why Waste Annual Leave – a blogger I have only e-met but who already feels like a kindred spirit!

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  1. connie

    I love reading these posts and getting to know a little more about all these wonderful lady bloggers – thought your dinner party list was fab, and thanks for reminding me about the delicious cannoli from Mike’s Pastry, I’m seriously craving one now!

  2. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    The fact that a cannoli made your memorable list proves to me the extent to which we are kindred spirits!! I absolutely fell in love with them when I first tried it in Rome and finding a really great one in London is next on my hit list!! Hope we can real meet soon and thank you so much for the kind nomination -looking forward to answering these!

    1. The Foodie Diaries

      Real soon indeed! We’re seriously overdue our blogger brunch date with Emma – and maybe we should add a cannoli crawl across London to the list too?! Can’t wait to finally meet when back in London 🙂 xx

  3. iwillbethejudge

    Made me laugh reading you are one of those people who work out solely so you could eat more! I am definitely in the same boat 🙂

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