From a Honey Auction at Fortnum’s to an Evening with Roland Mouret at Harrods…

If you’ve been reading The Foodie Diaries since the beginning then you may have noticed that I’ve added new chapter of late.

As the name suggests, food is still at the very core of this blog – whether it’s bringing you the scoop on the latest restaurants or uncovering hidden gems and old classics!

But as this is essentially my online journal, it feels like a natural progression to write about my life(style) too. In the words of Winnie the Pooh, “one advantage of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.”

The wise bear and I have much in common actually including a profound love for honey. Drizzled on cheese for breakfast, lavishly spread across toast for an evening pick-me-up, mixed with chamomile tea at night. I really could have the golden nectar all day! Which is why I made a beeline for this year’s honey auction at Fortnum and Mason, before buzzing over to Harrods for an evening with Roland Mouret…

But first, honey

Fortnum’s honey auction is actually an annual affair, swarming with honey-lovers who bid to ensnare the much coveted first jars of the harvest.

This year featured honey from Fortnum’s three London-based beehives in Bermondsey, Hoxton and at the top of its grand Piccadilly store! The auctioneer was none other than  BBC TV presenter and avid bee keeper Bill Turnbull, who kept things quite jovial, bantering with the audience throughout. All proceeds went to a charity, Bees for Development.


Indulging in a taste of all three varieties, what I found really special is that each is a cultural representation of the areas in which it is made.

The Bermondsey bees have gathered pollen from across the metropolis,  returning to their hives – on the roof of the White Cube gallery – to yield a honey with bold flavours, textured with a citrus overtone and a bitter sharp kick.

While the native Buckfast bees residing on top of an old warehouse in Hoxton, have foraged buddleia from nearby canals and flora from parks close by, to create a delicate and floral-toned honey!

The most majestic of the lot, is of course the Piccadilly harvest produced on the roof of Fortnum’s store in four imposing beehives designed with Gothic, Chinese, Roman and Mughal inspirations respectively. The bees have interacted with pollen from a range of flora across London’s green patches, including the Royal Parks in Buckingham Palace… the result is a resplendent combination of rich flavours embodied in a pale, almost toffee-coloured liquid!

I really loved the elegant packaging too, with each jar featuring a distinctive golden crown to symbolise its harvest location. Given the limited number of jars produced (only 198 from Bermondsey; 281 from Hoxton; and 361 from Piccadilly), these beauties are definitely a collectible!


Rolling with Roland

On that bee-autifully sweet note, I headed over to the luxurious Penthouse at Harrods (serious #apartmentgoals, by the way), to find the iconic designer Roland Mouret in conversation with fashion editor & journalist, Gianluca Longo.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Roland afterwards as I’ve long since been an ardent admirer of his timeless approach to fashion… simple yet elegant, his stunning designs never fail to turn heads. In his words, he wants women who wear his clothes to be themselves… rather than an expectation of themselves.

We later had the opportunity to have a first look at his exclusive collection for Harrods. From monochrome chic to fuchsia forms, let’s just say that more than one piece is finding it’s way into my Christmas wish list this year!


Champagne, macarons & Roland Mouret’s one of a kind creations. What more could a girl ask for?


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