When a Salad is Worth Queueing For

Every day come lunch time, a long queue snakes down Broadwick Street in Soho, quite often spilling around the corner. The queue isn’t selective. Soho creatives interspersed by business suits, yummy mummies and trainer-clad university students, waiting patiently for their salad fix (yes, you read right). Not that this is your average salad or typical street stall though. Launched in 2012 by Italian chef Davide and ex-restaurant manager Kristina, Savage Salads is gourmet fare with a street-style twist.



The concept itself is simple enough: choose a combination of their four salads as the base, and top it off with your choice of protein – chicken and/ or halloumi.



The salads are a hearty balance of grains, proteins and fresh vegetables that mix well together. Inspired by seasonal produce, they change often to keep things exciting for regulars. I tried and loved all from the crunchy red and white cabbage (mixed with kale, dried apricots, poppyseed and orange) to the grilled peppers, mixed with couscous and subtly flavoured with lemon. Don’t skimp out on the dressing if you go – the balsamic garlic yogurt, liberally drizzled on top, is key.


Both chicken and halloumi are cooked on the spot by the friendly Savage Salads team, with the chicken marinated in garlic and thyme before. The overpowering aromas waft down the street, with the promise of what lies in store. I went for the veggie option of course, and was not disappointed by their generous servings of hot, straight-out-of-the-pan, halloumi. Tender and succulent, I devoured these long before I got through the rest of the box.


Wholesome, fresh and delicious, Savage Salads was the perfect mid-day recharge. Can definitely see myself queueing back again soon next time I’m in need of a power-packed lunch with a dose of healthy, to fuel through the rest of the day.


You can find Savage Salads at Berwick Street Market in Soho Monday-Friday, at Strutton Ground in Victoria Monday-Wednesday and at St Giles in the fields market in Covent garden every Thursday.

If it’s healthy eat-in options that you’re after, you may be interested to flick through my recap of favourite healthy hangouts in London, here.

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